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Stolen Fishing Gear


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Sharing this for a mate. If anyone sees or hears anything, please call Shane or myself immediately.
Gear was stolen at Newport which is at Redcliffe
Please share this guys onto your facebook pages and all the groups you are in, especially everyone between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.


Hi all. 
I am offering a reward the piece of **** that raided my boat last night. A Shimano Beastmaster 9000 electric reel on a ****** old trolling rod, a Daiwa Tanacom 1000 ( this has no cable, just one I made up for it) a Saragosa on a Daiwa spin stick and a Stradic 8000 on a Daiwa jig stick. All were sitting in my boat ready to go fishing today. So if some shitbag has all off a sudden come into the possession of some of this gear I want to know. This is $3000 roughly worth of gear and, as I use them for my job I have no choice but to replace them immediately which is going to hurt big time. I don't even want the gear back, I want the prick/s who took it brought to me and I will take them for a little drive. They were stolen from Australia Ct in Newport some time last night. Before you say the gear should not have been left in the boat, it was backed into a driveway and I have a guard dog (who is in the ****).
Any info 0410446468


I am heading up to 1770 next week for a month so I may not get online much so if anyone hears or sees anything, please call me on 0423235291

If I don't answer, it means I am on the outer reefs fishing somewhere so just shoot me a text and I will see it when we return to port.

Thanks guys


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It was my boat that was done over and I am still a little emotional about it. Unfortunately people will steal anything to fund a habit, and whilst I do not expect to see the gear again I would appreciate people sharing this info to make it hard for them to move on. If its offered to you, please let me or Lance know, call me 24/7, or as Lance said, leave a message/ text. I am on the warpath over this and am offering $1000 for information regarding the (proven) identity of the person/ people involved, and $2000 if that info leads to the return of my gear. 


It is insured, however individual value limits will still see me lose out considerably,  I have offered the reward because I have taken this rather personally and would like to see the justice system deal with this scum...  

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I Know how you feel mate I had some gear stollen right out of my boat too about 10 years ago, and I'm still pissed about it you never get over it. Check you insurance, including your home and contents, never know you might be covered. this gear would be hard to get rid of so you might see it again. May I suggest  when you find them you use them as shark bait. its all there good for!!!

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