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Another Great One.


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I always have a fantastic day watching young people catching fish and enjoying themselves with today being a cracker watching Terrovas young Robbie getting stuck into fish.

He struggled with some of the larger ones and when he hooked into a 40cm yella he supported his rod with his foot. We tried to talk him into having his photo taken to enter into the FOTM but he said no.

Another highlight for me was the capture of 2 sub 30cm yellas as previously I have only caught one in all the time I have been fishing NPD.

We tried to locate Dinos lost rod but could only catch 40cm bass.:frantics:;

96 bass

4 yellas

one tandan

8 forkies.

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4 minutes ago, Dinodadog said:

There maybe a slight reward if found in the near future:lol:

We were thinking around $100 on gumtree for a quick sale.:devil:

Actually it has gone to a good home to join my egrell and gunslinger.:angel: and Ians watch and Grahams wallet.



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Thanks for yet another awesome day Ray! He didn't stop talking about fish all the way home and well after! 

This is the most excited he's ever been about fishing. It's amazing how a couple of days with good numbers and good fish can get a young bloke excited! 



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