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Go Fish Queensland

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Australia's first and only travel agent for the fishing fraternity!  Go Fish Queensland customises getaways based on recreational fishing holidays. A fishing trip with your mates, a 4x4 escape, a milestone birthday or an annual getaway with friends. Offering advice on what to catch, where and when at any time of the year right across Queensland and Northern NSW. 

A boutique travel business offering accommodation options (5 star to beach shack), transport, charter boats and even a pantry service offering full food and beverage delivery prior to your arrival. We even offer fully guided fishing with a well-known Queensland fishing identity 

Go Fish Queensland, your getaway your way!  Book at www.gofishqld.com.au.  Grab a package or let us fully customise your trip.

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We have allowed the post above, but encourage you to donate to AFO by the donate sidebar as well as engage with the community to promote your business offerings. Members aren't too fond of people who sign up purely to promote businesses and you will find that you will have more success if you build up a profile on the site by lots of posts and reports to build reputation amongst the community.



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