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Its about time we had some decent bass up in our alotted area at NPD and the last couple of trips we have, yippee yippee ky O. Its the one thing I like about fishing NPD is that it keeps changing all the time. One day the fish are there next day they are gone, one day they like this lure then they wont touch them next time you go etc etc

Anyway had another great day with me, myself and I, started off trolling down the dam, picked up a 48cm and a 47cm while still in sight of the ramp. Bass were scattered all over the dam some were on the bottom and a lot were only down 10ft. I managed 82 bass trolling and jigging, with several double hookups while trolling. Bass were that lively that while I was tagging one the other was recking the boat and tangling the lines. Sort of like a double fffffffffffff stuffup.All bass on lures no bait required.


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