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Noosa Cod


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Well with a couple of special occasions to celebrate we headed up the coast this past weekend to a new rental find.

Object was not really a fishing weekend but the gear was packed. Due to the immediate proximity of Lake Weyba I thought I would give crabbing a good go as well. Crabbing was interesting. Lots of huge muddies caught but all female. However bonus by catch were a few big cod.

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Cod are one of my favourite eating fish so I was perfectly happy with the results.

For anyone wanting a bit of a classy get away on the water i could not recommend the venue more.

Eumarella Shores Noosa Lake Retreat

251 Eumarella Rd, Weyba Downs QLD 4562
(07) 5449 1738

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9 hours ago, kmcrosby78 said:

Nice bonus there Angus - must be a few in there. Assuming that photo is of you on the kayak checking the pots (ie. you didn't set them landbased)?

Cheers for the rental link - will check it out :) 

Yeah I paddled them out. Was a nice rock bar about 30 meters in front of the house. Very shallow leading over to it but dropped off on the other side

 Generally had most successes on this drop off.

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