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Back At Last!


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First of all, it feels like ages since I've been able to properly go on AFO, yet alone even think about posting a report! Anyway hope everyone's been well and that the fishing has been pretty good (obviously not too good seeing as I haven't had the time to fish :lol:). It's been a pretty full on first semester of uni but I now have 5 weeks of holidays to make up for all the fishing I missed out on.  

Yesterday the weather was looking nice so I decided to head out for a quick arvo run around the dam just to check it out, see how the water level was looking and put out a few new pots. Only had 2 or so hours so there wasn't a whole lot of time for fishing but I still managed to boat a couple of bass and also dropped quite a few for some reason. There isn't much else to say seeing as it was such a short session so here's a few photos of the amazing sunset and of course the bass. And yeah we only just got off the water and out of the gate in time haha. 

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