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Morning + Afternoon Session


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On Wednesday morning the weather was looking prime so I took out one of my best mates who's never caught a bass before. I figured a nice glassy day would be ideal for a beginner...

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He was pretty keen which was great and on the way down the dam we picked up a few trolling - most were pretty small but for someone who has never caught a bass before I guess they must have seemed huge hahaha. 

After picking up a few trolling I looked down at the sounder and it was lit up!  Well that seemed promising so we stopped there and picked up a few on ice jigs and nories wasabi spoons which are honestly the best :drooling:.

Yeah they weren't big but they kept circling around gobbling up the lures so they made for a fun half hour or so!  After a while they moved off though so we headed to some shrimp grounds as I had a few that I'd collected from a few of my pots overnight. Straight away we were into some bass and quickly finished off all of the shrimp. 

Although we only got 30 or so bass he still had a great day and is keen to come back again (maybe it was actually the bacon and egg sangas that are making him want to come back :whistle:). However my day didn't end so well, with this making an otherwise cheap trip quite expensive :no:.  That's my 5th flat in the space of a year now! 

After having that fun little session on Wednesday morning my whole family headed out for a fish yesterday afternoon because again it was predicted to be glassy and warm.  The day started well picking up a 47cm trolling in the first 5 or so minutes and then a few more good fish on the way down the dam. 

It was good to finally increase in size as most of the ones I'd been catching have been very small and embarrassing hahaha. 

Pretty much the same as the other day, we found a nice little school on the way down the dam and proceeded to catch a few jigging.  They were only very small though so I'm hoping a few schools of bigger bass come into our area soon (or maybe they are and I just need to find them :baby:). 

I just realised I barely took any photos of these bass but they all looked pretty similar - small with either a nories wasabi spoon or Damiki ice jig hanging out of their mouth.  For a short arvo session we managed 42 bass so it was a great end to a perfect day.  (Also for some reason my photos look kinda blurry but when you click on them they are fine?)


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