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Wimbledom 2017


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 It`s that time of year again, Wimbleton`s ladies strut their stuff and fashions on and off court, along with their ball gripping and tossing skills.


Now that Serena William`s is out due to a technicality from her love match, which of the remaining field will take advantage and take a firm grasp of the trophy on offer.


Where the men are concerned Swiss, Spanish or other ??


TV broadcast starts 8.30pm tonight alternating on the 7 & 7TWO channels check local TV guides for further info

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claimed as an Ipswich girl, but what`s a 45 minute peak hour traffic trip distance :lol:

Barty had every chance to win the match, unfortunately was not able to capitalise on the many opportunities that went her way.

Kyrgios limped in and limped out of Wimbledon in 2 sets, so much potential so little gray matter.

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Admittedly, the Aussies faced tough round 1 draws, some stood tall in going down fighting and a couple again showed their renowned poor attitude and lack of mental spirit.

Kokkinaris went down, but with battling almost 2 years of serious injuries showed his class by only being beaten by Del Potro`s cool and calm experience and great power hitting when needed.

Tomic gone, took to the court his 2017 poor form and poor attitude.

Jordan Thompson went down but had his consistant never say die attitude to the end.

No Aussie male advanced to the 2nd round.

Arina Rodionova, (pre-tournament thought to be only capable of getting 1st round appearance money)  defeated a player 127 rankings above her, took 7 match point attempts to become the only Aussie through to the 2nd round, well done.

Daria (Dasher) Gavrilova gone/dashed. what can one say… is short, is blond, is funny….

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Thanks Kelvin, I`ve always had an in deep interest in the female form, umm, errr, fashions :angel: :P

Arina Dodionova went down fighting, her efforts will push her up the rankings. No Aussies left in the mens or ladies singles draw. A couple of Aussie pairs still alive in the mens doubles draw.

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into round 4

Mens singles draw Cilic, Agut,  Nadal, Murray.


Doubles Aussie`s Groth/Lindstedt into round 4

Kokkinakis/Thompson eliminated


Womens singles: into round 4


Azarenka, Konta, V Williams, Halep, Svitolina


Doubles Aussie`s Dellacqua/Barty. these 2 should go deep into the finals

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day 6  going through to round 4

Mens draw

Djokovic, Federer, Querrey, Raonic, Thiem, Dimitrov, A. Zverev, Berdych

out: Tsonga, Monfils

ladies draw,

the legs are getting longer and the balls are being bounced with committed intensity.:221_see_no_evil:

through to round 4

Radwanska, Wozniacki, Kerber, Murguruza, Kuzenetsova, Vandeweghe, Matic..

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after the rest day on Sunday, day 7 kicked off

Mens draw through to the round of 16, quarters finals

Murray, Federer, Muller, A. Zverev, Berdych, Querrey,.

Nadal out, beaten by Muller in 5 sets.


Ladies singles  through to the round of 16, quarters finals

V.Williams, Konta, Muguruza, Kuznetsova, Halep, Vandeweghe, Ostapenko.

Out: Kerber, Azarenka, Wozniacki, Svitolina. Radwanska.

Shame about Radwanska, blew it on the tennis side of things, but she was showing great form again in the fillies stakes. :)

Doubles:  Aussies Dellacqua/Barty through to the next round

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day 12   

2017 Wimbledon Championship Ladies Final  

Garbine Muguruza defeated Venus Williams  7-5,  6-0 

Muguruza, having beaten Serena Williams for the French Open title last year, and now beating Venus Williams for the Wimbledon title, has become the only player to have defeated both Williams sisters for grand slam titles.

Men`s final tonight:  Federe  v  Cilic

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Mens` Wimbledon Final Sunday Night

Federer  defeated  Cilic  6-3, 6-1, 6-4

With this win Federer became the only player to win 8 Wimbledon mens` titles.

Well in the sporting fields, with the Wimbledon ladies fashion parade over:P, SOO over:ausflag:, the overpaid boycotting cricketers not worth following:no:, I`ll have to settle back into booing Manly for the next 7 nrl rounds :) and look forward to the grand final in October

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