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Nudgee Crk soft plastics


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Fished Nudgee Creek on Sunday the 27-08-06 at midday on the high tide.Working squidge wriggler and shads in the 75mm in killer tomato colour on 1/4 & 3/8 ounce jig heads.

Drifted the area between the jetty to up past the boat ramp on the last hour and a half of the run in tide and first hour of the run out.

Managed to keep 4 duskies ranging from 57cm to 68 cm and released another 5 all over the 70cm size.

All stikes were taken in about 2-4 feet of water in close to the bank or under an over hanging tree.

Was a very productive trip

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if the tide is high keep an eye in shallows around any overhanging trees,

a couple of the big ones i release came from the shadows under them,especially just up stream of the boat ramp were there are some mangroves, also saw a few darting of into deeper water from under over hanging mangroves a few times when my missus overshot here cast and hooked the branches

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