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ST James Lake - Brackley UK Part 2


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Well i only went for a bike ride around it at about 5pm yesterday with the kids and i could see small pin head bubbles coming from under a tree all the time so off home i go , make an excuse the the missus and leave with a rod in hand.

Fished same as before ( float rig with my centre pin reel size 16 hook with 4lb main line )

with sweetcorn kernels on the hook. I cast just past the bubbles and slowly brought it back over to em feeding corn over the top too as an attractor.

Not 5 mins had pasted when BANG he float flew under and after a mad 5 minute fight i had a perfect 5lb 2oz female tench in the net .

This was followed by 12 small roach although bubbles where still coming from the same spot.

Just as i couldnt see no more at around 20:45 the float screamed away again and this time it was a 5lb1oz male ( Big for a male ).

so all in all i wasnt going fishing and doing the family thing but i ended up with a pair of beauties and went home with a big smile on me face.


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Nice one.

They are solid fish in anyones pics.

When i caught my first (and only) carp here i was actually very surprised and impressed with how well it fought. And it was a tiddler. So i imagine these fish you are getting must be great fun!


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