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queensland Somerset Solo

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Decided to hit up Somerset as I haven’t caught a bass in literally years ! Took up afew new lures to try out and afew new jigging techniques, talking to lads at the tackle shop I got the typical should have been here yesterday report all the bass were over 50cm they say.. anyways I buy afew lures to prize out any info I can from them, knowing that the bass will be roed up and schooling looking to breed I thought the schools would be easy to find. 

After an hour or two of driving around looking for schooled up fish all I could find were afew fish here and there that had a severe case of shut mouth! Having threw everything I had at them I realised I had no ice jigs ( won’t be making that mistake again) anyways I did manage to find some bait balled up very tight with afew fish hugging the bottom, I got afew on blades  but most fish came on the troll dragging halo crazydeeps through them ( thanks Dino ) no cricket scores of bass and only managed the one pic and it was a bit tricky as times trying to take pics of fish by your self. Btw conditions were absolutely perfect ! Will deffinetly be heading up there more often I reckon it feels good to be back I tell ya ! 





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