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White Spot Disease Expose 4 Corners

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3 hours ago, rayke1938 said:

ABC 4 corners having a story on white spot disease tonight.



Yep really keen to see how they go with this. It is no secret that a lot of the green prawns that are imported have white spot. 

There are a lot of trade deals etc that seem to be getting in the way of banning it. 

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I found it very interesting. Ben Diggles from OzFish was on it. Funny combination of not enough resources and shonky importers. 

I would love to see a ban on all raw prawns and squid and anything else that is used for bait or put back in the water or land raw. 

I wonder if you flushed a prawn down the toilet if it would keep the virus alive till luggage point?

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Deadly prawn virus detected at supermarkets

The deadly white spot virus has been detected in prawns being sold at southeast Queensland supermarkets, reigniting warnings of the risk posed to local stocks.

Prawns bought from 10 retail outlets and tested for the virus by University of the Sunshine Coast professor Wayne Knibb found about one third had been or were infected.

"Clearly, if we can find in a very limited sample 30 per cent of samples that were in the history connected or in contact with the virus, then clearly we're playing with fire here," Professor Knibb told the ABC's Four Corners.


White spot disease: Is it safe to eat infected prawns?

Yes. Infected prawns do not pose any threat to human health or food safety. 

Recent testing conducted for Four Corners found traces of the virus present in 30 per cent of samples purchased from a range of supermarkets in south-east Queensland. 

What is white spot?

It's a highly contagious viral disease that affects crustaceans including prawns, crabs, yabbies and lobsters. Marine worms are also considered to be carriers of the disease.

The disease kills prawns and outbreaks can cause mass mortality in prawn farms. 

Signs of white spot in prawns include: 

  • A loose shell with visible white spots and pink to red discolouration
  • Unusual swimming patterns
  • Reduced feeding
  • Farmed prawns may gather at the edge or surface of ponds

White spot is widespread in prawn farming regions of Asia and the Americas, where it has led to severe economic losses.

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