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Cool video and lots of flatties there mate, you're doing well. If you're lacking consistency try to take note of different variables (moon phase, weather & wind, tide size, etc) and see if you can crack a pattern. Also take note of where the bait gathers as this should prove a consistent location to find fish. Welcome to the forum too - keep the posts up

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1 hour ago, Poddymullet said:

Welcome @jt10 to the forum! By the looks of that video you are having plenty of success already. Maybe just try some of the drops offs for bigger fish. Where are you fishing the flats in the yak?

Around Golden beach, pumicstone passage eastern side. 

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On 01/10/2018 at 7:36 PM, jt10 said:

hey guys does anyone know much about flats fishing, cause i don't.

i would love to know some tricks and times to fish there, i've caught some nice flatties but lacking lots of consistency.

i recorded 1 session this morning on youtube (lots of small guys, but check it out) 

thank you (im new to this forum)


Nice video mate, I reckon if you tilt the camera up slightly so the rod tip is in view this will add to the camera work.

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Man good on you for getting out there.

I reckon you are doing most things right to be honest. I always reckon there is a teething time while confidence builds but once things start going right it all starts happening. 

Half the challenge is being out there putting the casts in as opposed to at home wondering what would work!




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