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Email to the Premier

Brian D

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Dear Mr. Premier,

Firstly I would like to thank you for the great job you have done for Qld (and I mean that). I have always been a staunch Labour voter and am hoping to continue with this tradition.I am also a dedicated fisherman spending most my time in Moreton Bay and the Brissy River.

Lately I have become concerned about the movement wanting to close sections of the Bay to recreational fishing. But more so I am alarmed about the report I heard that you are intending to support this movement and if reelected you intend to proceed with the closures.

Please tell me otherwise. I don't want to vote for the other donkeys running in the elections.The only other alternative is to vote for the Australian Fishing Party, but I like Labour and your record speaks for itself - job well done.

This is Queensland mate (respectfully): thanks largely to the efforts of you and your team.It is the best state in Australia, with sunshine, boating, fishing and water sports as our main outside activities, don't put us in chains and restrictions.

The motto is \"Life be in it\", not \"life be locked out of it\".

May I suggest that instead of closing our great playground that you look seriously at a

salt water restocking program, similar to what has been done successfully in NSW Botany Bay and Broken Head areas.

I wouldn't mind a license fee or duty imposed as long as we catch fish and there are still places for us to fish.

I also feel the pro fishers should contribute to the restocking scheme. I say this based on

the idea that a farmer replants his crops or establishes a breeding program to replace what they harvest and butcher. So why is the fishing industry exempt from such a basic fundamental principal of supply?

If the farmer does not replace the beef cattle he sends to the meat works he will soon run out of cattle to send. Same goes for the grower so why not fisheries?

Anyway thank you for your consideration and I look forward to you reply.

But please don't shut down Moreton Bay from fishing.



The Email I sent it to was Thepremier@premiers.qld.gov.au

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Nice letter Brian,

For those who would rather email


is his electoral office. Dont his his Premier's one, you will just get a public service response, and he will be unlikely to see it, his electoral office will take notice, particulary if there are a few (VOTES!).

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If you would also like to put some pressure on your local canditates you can find contact details from the following link



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Hey Feral I sent it to the brissy central address also but from my home email - thanks for the tip.

I aslo sent a letter to my local member.

I went to send one to the Aust Fishing party but I couldn't find the contact. Does anyone know who it is?

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Shane is standing as an independant as the fishing party were not registered as a political party when the election was called


Candidate Profile : Cleveland : 2006 State General Election

Surname: Boese

Given Names: Shane Murray


Occupation: Self Employed

Name on Ballot Paper: BOESE, Shane


Mobile: 0409 343 515

Fax: (07) 3396 3113

Email: smboese@bigpond.net.au

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Dear Brian (Reply from the Premiers Office)

Thank you for your email concerning recreational fishing.

If you would care to advise me your physical address, I will send to you

a copy of a press release Mr Beattie issued on 19 August 2006 in which

he categorically ruled out banning recreational fishing in Moreton Bay.

Unfortunately I do not have electronic copy that I could email to you.

Look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards

Vicki Nicholls

Electorate Officer

Brisbane Central Electorate Office

Phone: 3832 1322; Fax: 38321323

Email: brisbane.central@parliament.qld.gov.au

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The latest reply from the Premiers Office.

Ref: rrop1273

4 September 2006

Mr Brian Dawson

Dear Brian

Thank you for your email to the Premier of 31 August 2006 regarding recreational fishing in the Moreton Bay Marine Park. 

The current Moreton Bay Marine Park Zoning Plan expires in September 2008, with a review of the current Plan scheduled to commence in 2007. This review will involve extensive consultation, and all stakeholders will be given the opportunity to provide input. 

I understand that there has been some anxiety expressed by members of the community who have been misled into believing a deal has been reached which would see 50% of Moreton Bay closed to recreational fishing as green zones. 

I can assure you there is no such deal. The Premier and the Deputy Premier have stated publicly <http://info.teambeattie.com/01_cms/details.asp?ID=449> that if the Beattie Government is re-elected this weekend, it will guarantee access to Moreton Bay for recreational fishers.

The Environment Minister is also on the public record <http://statements.cabinet.qld.gov.au/MMS/StatementDisplaySingle.aspx?id=47902> committing to an open, transparent and inclusive approach to the Moreton Bay Zoning review, and I can assure you this commitment will be honoured.

This Government has a proven track record in ensuring recreational fishers continue to enjoy access to our marine parks. The recently finalised Great Sandy Marine Park is a case in point, under which recreational fishers are able to access 96% of the Park.

If re-elected, the Beattie Government will continue to encourage Queenslanders to enjoy an active, outdoor lifestyle through its Living the Queensland Lifestyle <http://info.teambeattie.com/_dbase_upl/0806%20LIFESTYLE%20FINAL1.pdf> policy.  

Yours sincerely

Rob Whiddon

Chief of Staff

This email, together with any attachments, is intended for the named recipient(s) only; and may contain privileged and confidential information. If received in error, you are asked to inform the sender as quickly as possible and delete this email and any copies of this from your computer system network.

If not an intended recipient of this email, you must not copy, distribute or take any action(s) that relies on it; any form of disclosure, modification, distribution and/or publication of this email is also prohibited.

Unless stated otherwise, this email represents only the views of the sender and not the views of the Queensland Government.

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I have now requested a comment from the Premiers on the Re-stocking of our salt water species.

I don't know about you but I would be happy with 4% of the bay closed to Rec and Pro fishing, especially around the Dugong areas. I do not agree about closing areas around the islands.

The curent law is that you can not fish in under 2mtrs of water at peel island.I think that's fair enough too.

It can only help the species in the bay but closure does not go far enough - we need to restock our salt water species.

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