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Drop Bear

south queensland Shark Fishing Mouth Of Brisbane River

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Just a very quick report.

We had tried to catch some eels on Tuesday. I think i messed up. I went with some prawns for bait but they might be a bit soft and while we kept loosing baits we didn't feel any bites and caught nothing. Could have been turtles or yabbies or tillys but i think eels. We just do this with heavy hand lines as it is really tricky to get into the water through the reeds and you have to pull them out of heavy lilies. I will try a cube of venison next time.

So any way, I had to drive down to Bait Tackle Store at Underwood and bought 3 eels. 

Yesterday the wind was only about 10 knots but being mostly northerly it made the out going tide a bit lumpy. But not to worry we coasted out to the first coffee pot Port marker out of the mouth of the river. 

Saw a few clowns in a tiny inflatable. I don't think these little blow ups stay afloat if they pop... I would not go out in this but I think they got home ok. 

We loaded the eel onto some large hooks and sent them down on 2 over head rods and flicked some lures while we waited. 

8yo Nephew Drop Bear had not caught a shark before so was very excited. Soon the TLD zipped off. I pulled in the other lines and Daughter Drop Bear helped him. After a short fight we had a nice 1m ish shark at the boat. Tail off and into the eski to bleed. 

Daughter Drop Bear had brought Boyfriend Drop Bear along. I good fellow... which is just as well for him as we were shark fishing and it would be the perfect place to dispose of a body...  I'm Joking... or am I? Yes Joking... or am I? Yes or....

Boyfriend Drop Bear also had never caught a shark so he was on strike next. 

We sat around for a while with nothing happening so I went out to the last coffee pots for nothing then headed to a patch of reef closer to Mud Island. 

The line took off and I grabbed it out of the rod holder, pushed the drag up and handed it to Boyfriend Drop Bear.

It took off. Heading for the horizon. The way it pulled line I thought this was a really big shark. 

After ages of cat and mouse we saw it really wasn't a big shark but fought like a demon. We towed it over to Mud where the tide was out so had to be careful not to hurt the shark on the coral. I did a rough measure at about 1.6m, got the hooks out, took some photos and pushed it out. It was quite docile but as soon as we pushed it into enough water to cover its back it swam away very strongly. 

So a great little trip. We kept the smaller shark and are having it for dinner tonight. Ill let you know how it goes

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Just now, Old Scaley said:

Nice one @Drop Bear. You are becoming quite the shark expert now aren’t you Robbie? Nothing else biting? I had a quiet session today and will do a separate report.

Very very quiet other than the 2 sharks. They are a lot of fun. Very underrated up here in QLD. Great memories for  a otherwise land locked sydney kid. 

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