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    • By straddiebrad
      On my way for a sleep over the island to get a early start tomorrow hope the fish play the game will try for some squid once I sit the boat
    • By rayke1938
      Another day of laughs and fish with two Michaels as deckies.
      Started the day checking redclaw pots before trying to find some fish.
      The redclaw are now starting to get some size with plenty of small ones coming on so they will not taper off over winter.
      No fish were found until we reached the floats where both Michaels had a double hook up with a bass and yella successfully boated. The fish were of good quality in high 30s and low 40s but a little slow. so we went searching again with little found until we located some good sized bass in the new area. before having a last shot on the floats on the way back to the ramp . The bass were cooperative once again but we decided we had had enough.
      Checked a few of the redclaw pots on the way back and a few of them had between 8 and 12 redclaw in them so the two Michaels ended up with a feed of fish and redclaw to take home.
      Glass out conditions all day with the breeze maybe getting up to 3 mph a couple of times
      20 bass
      4 yellas
      9 forkies that were converted to redclaw bait on the way back to the ramp as the pots that I put forkies in as bait on Wednesday had twice the number of redclaw as the ones with just dog biscuits.I was  bit worried that the dead forkies would stink but all that was left were a few bones.

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    • By Luvit
      Saturday was to be a family day on the water with a little bit of lunch thrown in.
      Julie and the kids were going to meet me at Spinnaker Sound around 10am. I solo launched at 5.30am and could not get a park at the ramp with it being so busy.
      It was a calm morning with the wind forecast to rise after lunch. 
      Sunrise gives you special feeling.

      As I headed out there were a few birds at the bottom end of Bribie and I could see good shows of bait. Rather than heading to a spot 20km away I thought I would give it a try and save some fuel.
      For the next few hours as most boat past me by and some stayed the tell tail bust ups of Long tail tuna were everywhere. Although there were plenty there they were very spooky and hard to get close to. That's Moreton Bay tuna fishing though, with the typical boats coming in at high speed and putting the tuna down.  
      This was not getting anyone any fish so I moved off and marked schools of bait everywhere I could. Once I had plenty of marks to choose from I then positioned the boat so I would drift over a number of them and be away from all the other boats. I didn't have @Poddymullet phone number so I messaged him on AFO but, it seems he doesn't like catching tuna  (He didn't get the message till that night)
      A lot of patience was needed as schools of tuna demolished the bait just out of casting range. There were some isolated splashes as I drifted with the current, I was deep jigging a soft plastic when it was hit at speed and I played a nice LT to the boat and after many circles out of net range the hook let go for some reason and it won its freedom.
      The adrenaline was rising and shortly after a small bust up in casting range presented an opportunity.  The cast landed right in the middle of the foam resulting in an instant hook up. While playing the fish in I was thinking I hope they stick around till the family arrive. This one I got to the net safely and it went a little over 80cm and a nice solid fish. It's most satisfying when you put a plan in action and it comes together.

      I hooked another one and pulled the hooks. As the morning marched on the aggression of the feeding tuna slowed and it was then time to pick the up the family. 
      We loaded lunch and drinks and headed out with the kids pretty excited to hear there were tuna about.
      Like before the tuna were still hard to approach without them going down but with the kids on the front of the boat at the ready to cast we managed to get a cast here and there. Luke was the first to land one which we released, to no avail because a shark was hot on it tail and exhaustion of the fight the shark caught up to for a bite to eat.

      James then picked one up that was sharked under the boat. Julie and I had a double hook up and this was to be Julie's first ever Longtail however the shark was still hungry.

      I managed to get mine in because Luke's gaff shot was good as the Tuan swam by.

      We kept a couple for dinner and some bait.
      James with some by catch.

      A great morning out and after lunch the wind picked up as predicted and we headed home.

      As hard as it may, I can not find where this doughnut shop is the @kmcrosby78 keeps going toPlease login or register to view this image

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    • By Andrew_P
      The bloke I sit next to at work is a mad keen spearo from the Gold Coast and just bought an old Haines V16 4.8m a few months ago. He set himself the goal to catch a marlin out of it and had 3 successful trips before Xmas, even landing a nice black solo. So hearing the bait was still thick and reports of marlin being caught we decided to go see if we could get one. Conditions were a bit ordinary on the way out following the left overs of a storm cell, but we got out and it settled down nicely. 
      We were soon joined by 20 or so other boats (some similar size to ours but no Timmy the Turtle skiffs today) with different ideas about etiquette and found the bait right on the spot. Top to bottom slimies in 80m. 
      We jigged some baits and put them in our unplumbed live bait tanks (2 buckets and an old esky) and started our drifts on 8 and 10kg gear. The current was raging and even though the bait school was huge we drifted through it very quickly.  Putting back up to the spot we saw a fish going crazy in front of a 50 footer and wondered who had hooked it. No boat around the fish had the tell tale signs of panic involved with a hook up so it must have been a free jumper. Good signs!
      After almost being swamped by a courteous neighbour (think he was still learning how to drive his 8m beast) we moved and set our drift. Shortly after my mate had a run, eased the drag up and set the hook on a fish before the line went slack. He must’ve had a nick in his mainline as he only got back about 10m of it. 1-1-0. Spewing!
      Boats around us started hooking up and our hopes were high for another shot. To increase our chances we found a patch to our selves and dropped our livies down. The skipper had another run and eased the drag up slowly as a nice fish jumped towards the boat. I put my drag up to clear my line out of his way but there was more pressure than just the sinker. I hadn’t felt the bite (very out of touch!) but I also had a fish on and it started moving north steadily. A double hookup on nice blacks! 3-3-?  Chaos! 
      His fish was heading to NZ and mine to PNG so he offered to break his off to give me the best chance of landing one of the two. By this time I had lost half a spool of 8kg and he had managed to get his moving towards the boat. Mine started jumping a good 500m from the boat in an awesome aerial display and spat the hook. 
      Ok so now we could focus on landing his fish. I took the wheel and we went about getting some of his line back and had the fish on the surface within 10m of the boat after another 5mins. It was far bigger than we both thought (50kg?) I had only seen small blacks of about 20-25kg up close and this looked easily twice the size.
      He tried to coax the fish towards the boat but it didn’t like it and jumped away before going deep in protest. This was how the battle went for the next hour or so with attempts to plane the fish up, change direction on him and annoying him with the sound of engine getting him near the boat but not allowing us to reach the leader. About an hour and a half in my mate felt the line was scuffed badly (he had removed about 50m after the first break). We worked out that the tip roller on his rod wasn’t spinning and the line was chafing on the sides of the roller. No good! 
      After 2 hours and 5 or so sightings near the boat he handed the rod over to me. We couldn’t up the drag due to the chafed line so I tried to short stroke it back to the boat with my fresh arms.  Any line I gained he took back (stubborn fish!) before he turned as I pumped and the pressure on the line was too much. 3-3-0. Spewing!
      I was pretty disappointed to lose his fish after so long but we had to try something to end the stalemate and the chafed line wasnt helping. The northerly had come up so it was time to head in. 
      We were both pretty excited to have had our chances but hopefully next time we can land one. 

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    • By straddiebrad
      its been hard going to get livies on the grounds just east of spb anyone been out know where there hidding been there 3 times with only getting a few.
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