Cheap Battery 12/24v Chargers On Ebay

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12/24 volt charger23 amps on 12 volts and 17 on 24volts reduced from around $60 to $29.08 I got one months ago and it runs perfectly good cheap spare. Hard to get hold of a dual voltage charger with a decent output.Only thing wrong is that it has US240v plug so you have to use an adapter or change it.
Cheers Ray
Sorry not able to show actual ebay snip.






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I have done a bit more research on this today in case anyone is interested.

turns out they are slightly different but modern smart/automatic chargers work it all out and apply the appropriate feed in power to the situation.  if charging manually you need to make sure your input voltage is no more than 14.1V for AGM and that you are not putting in more than 30% of the capacity in amps.  there you go, i learnt something today!

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Some battery manufactures advise different charging voltages and some give a mininium current and some advise a maximium current.It is very important to check that your charger and batterys are matched.I purchased a pair of lead crystal batterys that only lasted aout 9 months before they lost their capacity. I was charging them individually with a ctek m300 which has an output of 14.4 volts and 25 amps.

The case of the battery specifies a charging voltage of betweern 14.4 and 14.65 volts. With no mention of current restrictions,

When i contacted Betta batterys they said I was at fault because I was using an incorrect charger.On their website it stated that the charger should have an output of 30 amps otherwise the batterys will sulphate. Fortunately they replaced the batterys and the new batterys have the recommended voltage and current embrossed on the case and a big yellow sticker on the battery terminals. I use a victron 30 amp24v  charger for my lead crystals and have had the dip switches set to 29 volts.

just use the ebay one for my other battery bank

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