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hey mate,

welcome to the site.


the jumpinpin area has literally hundreds if not thousands of fishing possibilities.  target any of the drop offs on the edge of sand/mud banks with good tidal flow with live yabbies and you are almost guaranteed of a fish - whiting, bream, flathead, grunter etc.  fishing live herring or mullet in some of the deeper sections can result in mulloway, big flathead, jacks and the like, but also stingrays and shovel nose rays.  You will generally do much better in the quieter areas (they do exist) away from the major channels.


as far as plastics/lures go, the main target for me on plastics/lures is flathead, but you do get bream, grunter, tailor and trevally as a by catch, mulloway if you are lucky.  there is no real "go-to" spot, just looking for areas that look like they may hold fish and give it a go - drop offs, snags, weed patches etc.  some areas work on a particular day or tide and then the next trip you can pull a doughnut.  any area that is holding bait, especially jelly prawns is well worth spending some time casting at.


biggest tip is to fish as light as possible, my "heavy" outfit for that area runs 20lb, i only use this for a bigger live bait.  otherwise 4-10lb main line and 6-12lb leader is usually as heavy as you want to go.  you will also do better on the bigger tides of the month around the new and full moons.


there is also a heap of info on the forum from previous trips people have done, use the search function and you will find tonnes.  also could be worth throwing out an offer of a decky spot for someone who knows the area to take you out and show you around - there are a lot of people on here who fish that area and will likely be happy to help out and show you a few spots and provide some pointers.

good luck.

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16 hours ago, Jenko000 said:

Hi all, just got myself a boat and am trying to get into soft plastics and bait fishing around the Jumpinpin, Jacob's well sort of area. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hey Jenko,

Well done and welcome to the forum. 

Just do what Benno said.

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 He knows that waterway like the back of his reel. 

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