Looking For Advice On Lures For Flathead And Bream

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Been a long time since I chased flatties on lures, around 15years. Caught most of them on crawdad hard bodies and double tail mr twister soft plastic grubs.

for the hard bodies, I liked something 50-100mm long that dive deep enough so it would hit along the bottom.

After finally getting a boat and visiting a few tackle stores, since you don’t see many of the lures I mention I’m sure there are better things out there.

Look foreword to seeing what people recommend! 

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Nice fresh raw prawns , or nice fresh strips of yellow tail, lob out no sinker and let it drift away with tide.  Lay the rod down with the spool in free-spool or the bail-arm disengaged and relax - guarantee you'll catch whiting, bream and flathead and even pick up the occasional crab.


I'm of the attitude that I fish for relaxation, endlessly casting and retrieving an artificial lure is too much like hard work for me these day.

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