south queensland Sick As A Dog

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2 hours ago, straddiebrad said:

be pretty crook tomorrow the doc said lack of salt so i have to head off-shore to get some leaving raby bay around 4 hope the day out there will get the salt levels back up.

Good luck mate. The Spanish should be thick. Not much pressure due to the swell

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1 hour ago, straddiebrad said:

yes back now got a few snapper and moses must have lost 10-12 unstopables  on livies trying out a new spot 50 pound braid and 60 pound leader just wasnt enough next time


wow awesome!!! Im available as a decky next time... I just checked my diary... oh when is it? 

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2 hours ago, kmcrosby78 said:

Nice one Brad. Shame about the unstoppables but at least you know they are there - reckon they were snapper, AJ's or something else (kingies, cobia, etc)?

iam thinking king fish but we did get hit by a spanish too as we got bittin off by a few will try and get out again next week with the 80lb outfit


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