Pro Mariner Pro Sport Onboard Battery Charger

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19 hours ago, Luvit said:

Looks solid and won’t be vibrating loose with nyloc nuts and spring washers. 

It’s normal for chargers to get warm when in use.

Good luck tomorrow with the sea trail and fishing. 

Thanks mate ... held up pretty well. Better than fishing to be honest

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 but will do a separate report on that. Launched from Scarbs and headed to beacons in the search of livies before heading to northern artificial. Bit of mixed swell / tides but the installation held up as far as I can tell. Thanks for the advice. 

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7 hours ago, ellicat said:

Looks good. I'm just wondering if those bolts/nuts on the outside will pull through the glass. Maybe put the cutting board or an extra cutting board on the outside ??

Hopefully those washers will be enough ... although it did get a bit rough on the way out of the bay. Thanks for the tips

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