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Little Grey Men

queensland After The Storm

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On 18/03/2019 at 2:47 PM, Little Grey Men said:

The front of Redcliffe was just awesome with nice calm conditions and the water beautiful and warm. I strolled along a stretch of beach

Just catching up on some reports I missed. 

What a cracking morning and a great report. Thanks for sharing. Such an nice thing to do, walk along flicking lures. fish are a bonus. 

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    • By Allnighter
      About 15 years ago i used to fish the bay islands regularly with my sons and one close mate, but then some life changes got in the way and my close mate unfortunately passed away
      Back then i was a regular to Ausfish and met some great blokes, and had some great fishing adventures.
      I sold the 5.2m Formosa 10 years ago or so, but have recently rekindled my passion for the bay again and have bought a 4.2m Renegade with the desire to fish the bay again with my two sons
      Please login or register to view this image Well, the glorious bay is still there all these years later and i am thoroughly enjoying re-living the good old days!
      What a beautiful place we have right at our back door!
      Luckily i kept some gps marks from all those years ago which are still producing some great fish.
      These are from just 5-6m of water.


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    • By Old Scaley
      Around this time for the last 3 years I have promised Mrs Scaley a feed of freshly caught Moreton Bay prawns. Every year she rolls her eyes and sighs, already convinced I won’t deliver. This year, all the signs were good for yesterday - recent rain, some reports of good catches, some spare time for me.  Now all I needed was a deckie to do all the hard work.  As luck would have it, I had a call from the Dentist (not his real avatar or occupation) and he was expecting another bout of industrial diarrhoea on that very day so a plan was hatched to hit Southern Moreton Bay to finally end the prawn drought.
      Since he gets very few chances to get out lately we decided to go all out and throw everything at aa ambitious attempt at a seafood basket of prawns, crab and prawns. 
      We launched at 5:45am to catch the low tide for some yabbies.  It was then that I discovered that the battery that runs the accessories wasn’t going to deliver for one more trip like I thought, despite charging it up the day before. To make it worse, the Dentist had nagged me about it last time we went out but my thriftiness got the better of me.
      We laid out our 8 crab pots in a promising spot, then hit spot A for a quick fish before the prawn search began.  I was first up with a nice whiting in the mid-thirties followed by a bream about 28cm. I kept the bream in case we didn’t catch a feed. The Dentist, meanwhile, persisted with 2 rods as usual and managed to trawl up all sorts of vermin, including small rays and a huge catfish (sorry for the photo quality - not my forte).
      After a short session in which we added a few fish to the esky we set off for the main event, the prawn hunt. We checked the pots on the way and there were muddies there, but no legals. So we were hopeful that a longer soak would yield some mouth watering monsters. Prawning without a sounder was always going to be a challenge, but we gave it a red hot crack. I pretended that my casting ability was inferior to the Dentist, so I was able to sit back and marvel as he threw cast after cast - some pancakes, a few figure eights, and I think there was even a trapezoid in there at one stage. We muscled in on a number of prawning scrums (presumably they all had working sounders) from Karragarra Island to Macleay Island and Redland Bay, but not a single prawn was sighted. No one else seemed to be getting any so I couldn’t even blame the Dentist’s casting ability. 
      After what seemed like days but was only a few hours we decided to give up on the prawns and  check the pots. No keepers so dropped them in spot B while we had a final crack at the fish. We added a few more whiting to the esky then picked up the empty pots and headed back to the ramp about 2 pm. 
      Not the seafood basket we were hoping for, but still a nice feed of whiting (and one prawn that was ironically caught in a crab pot) and a top day out. Lesson number one from the day is that we can only do two activities in one trip, three is too many. Lesson two is for me not to be so tight and replace the battery before it dies completely.  Coincidentally the local German supermarket had 100ah deep cycle batteries for $229 so I grabbed one of those today and will go prawning again soon.
      Thanks for reading

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    • By buzzard
      To reply to all those comments.. The shorts even saw a Test match at the Gabba in the 80s..It did taste not to bad ,succulent white flesh similar to a Ling or other Cod like species..When I hooked this fella it did not put up a fight at all as I thought I was dragging in a lump of weed. I know there are some of you elderly gents like me who have fished Whalleys gutter, that's where I caught this bloke plus a couple of Grunter. I am on my way to the Well this weekend.Leaving from Behms creek and try for some flatties or Jacks..Buzzard  
    • By rayke1938
      WE did a bit better than sunday with only around 30 forkies that Percy enjoyed until he filled up.
      Quite a few small tilapia in the shrimp taps that ended up in the composting bin.
      Redclaw have gone off a bit so time to move the pots.Ended up with 7 yellas and 8 bass with Steve Davies catching the best bass at 45cm and I got the best yella also 45cm
      . Big variety in the colouring of the yellas that were all caught in the same spot.
      Steve managed to catch a fish with his u beaut copyrighted lure.

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    • By tugger
      Went camping over the weekend at North Currigee camp ground on South Stradbroke island got there Friday morning and left midday Sunday. The wind was up most of the weekend so no offshore fishing but the seaway and broadwater were the go to for fishing.
      Friday after setting up camp we went fishing down in the seaway after finding small live yakkas. 1st drop for both my deckies was a double hook up on jew after a quick measure both jew were just under size so back they went to swim another day.

      We dropped another couple of jew then the tide started and they went quiet time to head back to camp. The arvo was spent greeting more crew and having a few coldies and beach fishing.
      That night we sat around the fire it has been a while with fire bans for nearly 6 months. Saturday was windier and only the young lads went fishing fishing , off the pontoon was easier for me.
      Saturday night was another top night around the camp fire after dinner. It turned out just some good camping with mates top spot and I will be going there again.

      Sunday morning we had some showers after an early morning storm but we were well protected. We all left together around midday planning the next camp back there will be easy.

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