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This recipe I used back in my Chef days. You need  a Whiting fillet ,flour, bread crumbs, banana and egg wash. Method.. Slice banana in half and place it on the skinless side of the whiting fillet. Coat with flour then place in the egg wash which is a couple of eggs mixed together with a drop of milk added to the eggs. After placing in the egg wash transfer to the bread crumbs with a generous coating then fry in oil of your preference so the fillet is just submerged under the oil. Garnish your plate then drain whiting for a minute then plate up with lemon and a sprinkle of Paprika..Bon Appetito   

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On 08/05/2019 at 4:59 PM, buzzard said:

Hey Drop Bear. Mate after years in the catering game and Whiting Caprice as a regular menu item people enjoyed the banana and the fish taste together. Have a crack at it mate..

Thanks I will do. I hope to get into some whiting later this month. 

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