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queensland NPD 15/5/19

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On 15/05/2019 at 8:12 PM, rayke1938 said:

Bit damp first up this morning, 46 bass and 3 yellas and some spanglies between 2 of us all within 1 k from ramp, Spanglies are now redclaw bait. Quite a few redclaw 35cm long. Sorry no photos as I left camera home .



nice one mate. 

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    • By tugger
      Well Sunday was perfect weather it didn't get above 5 knots all day so we checked out a few different spots off stradie. I had a mate with his boat wanting to get a few fishing marks for his gps so he followed me for the day.
      We got over south passage bar at 1st light and stopped at our fishing hole and started a few drifts bagging a couple of snapper biggest going 65cm early and lost a couple of brutes before it shut down just on sunrise. We moved out deeper with the next spot only giving up a couple of Moses perch.
      The whales were thick typical now for this time of year we had them breaching all around us and even saw a large group of male humpbacks chasing a female at speed but they chased her in circles and never got to far away so we saw the whole whale sex thing bit brutal as they rammed each other often.
       Soon another move was on the cards so we had a look out wider again at the waverider bouy and found a few dolphin fish. They were only small so all returned to swim off with their bright colours still vivid.
      We moved again back inshore and anchored up hoping for a Spanish mackerel to hit a bait. We.managed a few more Moses perch but no luck on the Spanish.
      We did catch plenty of dart and queenfish here which kept us entertained with their power and jumps like mini game fish. There were also a few more snapper to be found along with a lot of big silver trevally that pull like trains.

      Before we headed home we decided to do some more drifts in a new area I haven't fished before with some great results. We caught good tuskies to 45cm and snapper to 55cm and lost a couple more monsters.
      My son hooked a big spangled emperor which gave him plenty of stick head shaking and peeling line like he had a light drag setting but I know how heavy he fishes it soon was netted and released at 70cm they are poor quality that size.

      We then caught a 40cm pearl perch and we were baffled as we were fishing in 25m of water. Finally the time came to head home in near perfect conditions topping off an awesome day.

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    • By rayke1938
      Tough day yesterday despite good forecast and barometer over 1020.We just could not find a school anywhere. We did not manage more than 2 fish from any one spot and ended up with 22 bass and one yella. Even converted Steve over to bait and still ending up a small tally. 

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    • By Cobiaaddict
      Hi All, 
      Its been a while since my last fishing post and a long time since I last had a fish to be honest I think Australia Day was my last fish . Headed out with a mate from Tasmania who has not ever caught a decent shallow water bay snapper before , So the pressure was on . Lucky me,  with literally months off the water and know knowledge of fish on the chew any where the search was on. 
      Headed out for a quick  bay snapper session Saturday arvo leaving Clontarf around just after 1pm to grab some live baits and then find some nice hard rubble bottom to anchor up on and burley in hope of a July snapper,
      After spending a couple of hours searching for live baits and finding some nice rubble bottom with a little drop off we anchored up about 3.45pm and started to burley up , send some baits back hoping some fish would come on the chew, 
      After waiting close to 1hr (5pm),  the 1st rod got lit up and the decky was into a nice fish with good head shakes,  few tense moment as the fish ran for drop off with great intent ,  but some nice rod work and Ben had his head turned and coming to the boat nicely,   few more small runs and  I slid the net under a great fish , as we were dehooking this fish and getting ready for a few happy snaps - the other bait-runner went off hard , so I set the hook with it still in the rod holder - struggling to get this one out of the holder,  I was now onto another nice fish which I felt running hard along the bottom almost straight away.,  after some back and forth action I slowly had nice snapper in the net and on the deck of the boat yay me,  trip successful,  So we quickly rest the baits and went about a few photos,  after getting a shot of Ben holding both fish , both rods went off again with a big double hook up on 2 more cracking snapper at 75 & 78cm  - which went back - I went checked the esky had a quick measure and with a 81cm & 84cm in the ice box I realized we where wasting out time.  Ben had set another 2 baits out and whilst holding my Snapper for a photo we had another double hook up,  Ill put the photo up of myself looking away at the back of the boat holding my fish with a concerned look of holy geeeeezzzzz.  .  
      We had another crazy 20minutes with about 5 more fish hooked and released totaling 11 for the session and taking the 1st 2 home for a feed, 
      Both fish weight 6.0kg & 6.1Kg  . 
      Hope you all enjoy the read Please login or register to view this image
      Cheers Josh <><

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    • By kmcrosby78
      Belated report from our trip to Pottsville over the middle weekend of the holidays just gone. Was our first trip with our new (to us) Trackabout Safari camper trailer - worked really well and we love it. Had a bit of rain and found there's one small section of the zip seam about the entrance that leaks slightly so we'll sort that out with some water proof spray. 

      It was our first time there and we loved it, will definitely be back. Our camp spot was right on the water so was perfect for the boys to go and explore - and me once I'd had my coffee .....      On the first arvo I walked over the bridge and saw a HUGE school of sea mullet going under the bridge. I reckon there could have been in excess of 1000 fish flow through under the bridge. They were milling around here and there for the rest of our stay - they certainly knew you weren't allowed to throw a castnet at them .....  

      The boys gathered up some fish frames from the beach on the first arvo which included a very, very solid 43cm bream, so hopes were high but we couldn't manage any legal bream, surprisingly. I got a 37cm whiting that I sight cast to right up in the shallows - a very rewarding capture. Quite a skinny fish though unfortunately. Also got a 50cm flattie on a hard bodied lure and my wife got a decent dart off the beach down at Black Rock - we did an arvo session with my wife chasing dart with pippies whilst I threw out a pillie in hopes of some tailor but no luck. I went back the next morning but no luck again - packed the lighter set up with plans to chase dart insted there were no tailor around but forgot the bucket of leftover yabbies and couldn't find any pippies to use pieces of pillie for one hookup which dropped off and apart from that a few bites but hard to hook up to.

      We also saw some very active whales breaching when we went for a walk on the beach - very cool!  I enjoyed watching the locals fishing for mullet with their quill floats and dough, always good to see a different technique that you don't use yourself.  Oh and for anyone going there, there are yabbies on both sides of the creek and I heard on the day we left that there is a much more plentiful yabby bank just past the second bridge (opposite Black Rock).

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    • By fishinfox
      Headed out to Lake Macdonald on the Sunshine Coast on Saturday morning. Perfect weather. I'm pretty new to bass fishing but set up the gopro and put together a short video of some of the fish I caught.
      Pretty pleased to catch a few that day although none of them were huge.  
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