Fishing Forums On The Down Turn ?

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Glassing over the various fishing forums lately and to me it seems like most of not all have very little to no input, to me i reckon social media has a massive input toward its decline, dunno what the solution is other than getting out there and posting things up there my self??? 

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Yeah, I notice that a bit too, I am a member of Fishing Monthly and nearly of the discussion are listed as being several years old. I put up a sale listing there to sell a Makiara 30 II reel. It is a bit strange in that my advert has had over 500 views in 3 or 4 days so there must be a lot of people visiting the site but not participating or else not logging in. I do not know how that site is still going! I just logged in there and there were 6 people on it and only 1 (me) had logged in.

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I used to be part of a few car club forums too, they have all but died off. the age of forums seems to be slowly declining


having said that...i find i get a much larger overview of fishing reports etc by being a part of facebook groups, not to say this forum isnt great. i find this forum to be a much friendlier and close nit group of people...which is why i wont leave!

i think the Facebook groups are just a different way of sharing information compared to forum websites. both have their for and against. i know a lot of people are against Facebook and think its the devil, but like most things on the get out what you put in. 

I know there is a facebook page for this forum, but is there a group?

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22 hours ago, Drop Bear said:

This forum has a fair few people still on it. I am sure most people use facebook now. There are some very busy pages on there... They talk a lot of rubbish most the time haha. 

And you of all people would know this very well... 

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    • By Old Scaley
      A mate put me onto this eNewsletter that comes from Department of Agriculture and Fisheries every month. Looks like a good way to stay informed about any upcoming changes to rules and regulations, and some handy info on other topics that would interest most fishos. I have subscribed. Here is a link 
      Please login or register to view this content in case anyone is interested.
      Hi all
      Here's the report for my last two sessions. None of them were particularly successful, but I still caught an OK fish  Normally I would be out this morning, but the tides were completely out and I'd stayed up late watching a movie yesterday night. Luckily I'm going yakking THIS arvo, but not a serious fishing trip. My dad and my mate want me to try out the sit in kayak, so while my dad will be in the yak with my sister I'll be in the sit in. I'll make sure my dad has at least one rod, probably just rigged with a lure  
      The first session took place at the Botanic Gardens on the river. I brought my telescopic rod along, in hope of some bream or cod. I have caught one bream there before, fishing hard up against structure with unweighted bread. I got left the alone with my brother for about 40 minutes as my mum needed to go and grab my car, as we were mainly doing some shopping in the city. (Parking ticket otherwise). 
      I fished unweighted bread for about 20 minutes - I just let it naturally drift down in the current on both sides of the mangrove tree I was fished. The structure certainly looks fishy, and I'm sure there'd have to be some OK fish hanging around in it. Then again... I suppose it's in the middle of a very crowded place. 

      Alright I look a bit creepy in that second photo
      Since bread wasn't working, I tried walking the rock wall with a hard vibe lure the Sam Steele gave to me. I knew I was going in the right spot, as I could feel my lure getting snagged/bumping along on the rocks. I certainly would've found it tempting if it fluttered over my head, that's for sure! I walked about 100M down the first time, then back, then 100M down the other way, so in total I would've done about 500M-700M of walking. Sigh! (I did it numerous times in case you're wondering how 100 + 100 = 500 )
      Here are the stats of that short city sesh - 
      Tide: High, 1:50PM, 2.1M, Low, 8:16PM, .5M
      Moon Phase: New Moon, so a bit of run
      Bait used: Bread
      Lure used: Ecogear small hard bream vibes
      Tackle Used: Shimano Telescopic Rod and reel combo, 10lb mainline, 20lb leader, small bait holder hooks
      Weather: Cloudy and windy
      Time fished: About 1:40PM-2:20PM
      Overall Success Rate: 30% - a newer spot fished
      Now, the second sesh took place yesterday arvo at the local park like usual. I rocked up at around 2:30PM, and just as I got there my mate arrived. Since it was a very high tide (still rising) I didn't bother throwing the cast net first up but instead got the left over prawns I had and baited up. A group of ladies had come down, who were quizzing me on everything I knew in the area (like what was the big building across from us, where this path went, blah, blah, ), but then the rod went off! 
      I picked it up, and the fish had some go in it. While the fight wasn't very long, I still got some OK fun out of it, as it was darting around all over the shop. I saw a flash of silver, and low and behold up comes a solid bream. My mate held the rod while I bent over and netted it, which was quite easy seeing as though the tide was so high! I pulled him/her up, got a quick measure after some struggle de-hooking, and put the fish back. It was 30cm on the dot, but wasn't a very chunky fish (probably because it just spawned). 

      Brag Mat Shot - BMS (no I did not break my scale)

      Please login or register to view this attachment Nice piccy - almost worth chucking on the wall
      After that bream, I was a bit more eager to re-bait and got the line straight back out. I should mention I was trying for early season bullies today, so one of the lines I had out was rigged with two dead poddy mullet in hope that I could manage something. The salmon line was rigged with a dead herring, and the line that was normally out where the shark line was got dropped right into structure with two herring in hope for a cod. 
      I gave the cast net a couple more throws (I was using the ten footer today), but to no avail. It is very annoying when I can't collect livies here, so what I may need to start doing is going to somewhere with my pushy where I can get livies, then coming back here to fish. That might have to wait 'till I fashion a   (drumroll)... PUSHY FISHING CART! (OK that's a bad name Lol). 
      The bite had gone really quiet, and for the next hour or so I literally got nothing - not even a single nibble (this was around tide change). I gave the net one throw just before the tide change though and got a small live prawn which was good size bream bait, so I put it back down. In about 2 minutes, that line went screaming off. I ran over, tightening the drag, but unfortunately the fish didn't get hooked. It went back for second, which was a rather big hit, but I didn't manage to hook up on this one either. Bugger! 
      Once it was tide change, I was out of good fresh/live prawns, so I went to herring with this line too. It seems the pickers only move in when the tide is changing, so maybe fishing with a bit of run is better in the structure. I find it frustrating to be holding the rod, and not even be able to hook up to them because there mouths are to small for the hook (yes, I've even tried tiny whiting hooks for no result - my guess is either miniscule bream or tadpole toadies!). I got one glassy in the net around this time as well, which is better than no glassies... I placed it on the salmon line with low expectations, and fortunately for him he swum off at the end of the session fine. 

      Bloody Pickers!
      In about another 45 minutes, my dad came down. He gave the net a quick throw, and by now it was about 5:15PM. Since the tide turned just about nothing had happened, except for the fact that another glassy was given to the salmon line. My dad and sister we getting killed by the midgies (and if I'm honest so was I), so we all decided to head off. I was somewhat happy with the session, with that decent bream. I mean, it's sure better than nothing! Here are the stats of the trip - 
      Stats of Trip - 
      Tide: 8:50AM, .3M, Low, 3:30PM, 2.1M, High, 10:10PM, .6M, Low
      Moon Phase: New Moon
      Weather: Little clouds, little wind
      Time fished: 2:30PM - 5:15PM
      Tackle Used: 12lb, 14lb, 30lb braid mainlines, 20lb, 30lb fluorocarbon leaders, 80lb mono trace, size 2 and 6 ball/bean sinkers, size 4/o circle and suicide hooks, large barrel swivel, 6"6' Abu Garcia Venotat (I think) rod, 8" Ugly Stik, 2M Rogue Firepoint Boat rod, and a lower quality Jarvis Walker type rod which I can never remember the name of, with size 2500 Shimano Nascis and Diawa Shinobis, Size 650 Penn reel, Size 5000 Jarvis Walker Sovereign reel 
      Bait used: Live prawn, a couple live glassies, dead prawns, mullet, and herring
      Bait caught: Prawn (x1), Glassy (x2)
      Overall Success Rate: 50% - at least I got the breambo! 
      Alright, that's the reports done. I hope you enjoyed, even though they aren't the most exciting ones in the world! Hopefully next time/sometime this school hols I can manage a salmon, that's for sure. Thanks for reading!
      Cheers Hamish Please login or register to view this image 
      P.S. Sorry for any spelling/grammatical/punctuational errors

      Please login or register to view this image I'd eat that if I was a bully!
    • By rayke1938
      Wish I was fishing.
      Poor magpies have nowhere to perch as most of neighbors no longer have tv antennas.

      Please login or register to view this attachment
    • By Drop Bear
      This is an interesting video. Its not super professional but might give you a few places to go for a fish. 
      Another mark 27,30,344 153,19,307  
    • By Breaming with bro
      Wondering if And how I should cook the fish . Should I cook it whole or should fillet???? Like what should I do. I tried looking up stuff but didn’t get any results
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