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Where Were You

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7 minutes ago, Dinodadog said:

Where were you 50 years a go.

I know a lot of you were not around then.

I was just out of corp training in the army and was sent to Shoalwater Bay near Rockhampton.When I arrived I found out that myself and 2 other privates had to feed 253 soldiers. As the oldest I took charge and one of the first things I got done was to get the walk in fridge cleaned out.Unknown to me a 20lb cod was taken out of the fridge and left on the table and got flyblown. Staffsargent that caught it was not very happy.

While I was there I saw the moon landing on a 12 inch black and white TV.

Few days later 4 of the top brass went on a fishing trip and caught 300 bream,They thought they would just dump them at the kitchen for the cooks to clean,wrong I said bring them back when they are scaled and gutted.Then the 3 cooks grilled them whole and each person got a whole fish and vegies.I thought I might get into trouble for making the top brass clean their catch, but they promoted me to corporal when we returned home.


haha nice one. 

I was about 4 month old. By then I had broken most records for biggest fish....

One of the previous statements is true. 

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19 hours ago, ellicat said:

It was the year before school started for me and I remember nothing of it at all.

Probably dreaming of the lollies I could buy (probably fags) with the tooth fairy money.

You were dreaming of fags a lot earlier than most...

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