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Hi all,

Just heard my stejcraft boat is still on track for completion just prior to Christmas. Excited! Anyway, I am trying to pick the best ski tube to suit my needs and thought someone may be able to help. I have selected three so far, all totally different. See photos. My sons have some very big friends (120 to 150 kg). The boat will have plenty of power to pull them but looking for the most suitable solution to pull two or three of them at a time. Also the last pic is of a tow ball which you put between the boat and the tube. Has anyone any experience with these and are they worth the $200 asking price?



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Can't help with the type of tube, apart from saying check the specifications for what max. weight they're made.

As far as the tow ball goes - I assume they are to dampen the effects of the rope breaking. Considering the weight you're expecting to tow I'd say it's a very good idea and worth the price.

Also you might need to upgrade the standard rope to cater for the big blokes you'll be towing.

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The ball stops the rope catching in the water when the tube overruns the rope.  The rope can get slack in it when the tube is out wide. Can give the riders nice whiplash if the driver doesn’t notice.  We never used one, and still don’t with my kids.  You can learn to drive and adjust  throttle to stop the rope hitting the water.  

I would get two single tubes. Don’t know if the first one would get airborne with that weight, unless going crazy speeds.

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