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Hello All.

First post here.

I specifically joined this forum for help with identifying a fish.

I have looked everywhere (well maybe not, but it is starting to feel that way!) and suddenly thought a fishing forum would surely be able to help.

For interest purposes, I am try to identify a fish that swam past me in January 2019.

I was snorkelling at The Basin in Pittwater NSW (Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park) in about chest high water.
The tide was flowing in, and it was around 2.30pm.
A very large fish swam past me quite close. Many little fish were trailing it, and I am guessing the bigger fish was hosting them.
I think it may have been a shark or ray (looked a little like a cross between the two). But am not sure, as really never seen such an fish before.
It was so odd looking, it almost looked like a prehistoric beast!
I am a little confused, as some features do not add up (to pictures I am looking at online)
The colour was a mottled pattern. The nearest match I have found online was the colour and pattern of a Wobbegong (but it was a lot longer and thinner shaped than a Wobbegong - it was more shaped like an Angelshark or Shyshark)
The oddest thing about it, was its tail actually looked like the front snout of a Largetooth Swordfish, because it was a long flat blade shape with spikes segregated and jutting out the whole length.
So unless it was a Largetooth Swordfish swimming backwards (it wasn't) - I am having problems identifying it.
I have been searching for nearly a year now, but not been able to identify it.
Thank you for any suggestions

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Zebra shark? When you say a very large fish, how big is very large? Might help. But in reality it will be very hard to identify it now with only a vague recollection of features from almost a year ago. Good luck. 

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