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G'day DeSeriousSquid

First of all, what fish are you targeting and where are you planning on using it. Berluy is very efficient at times but sometimes all it does it deter fish or they just eat it and not your bait. For bread and butter species my general mix is a couple of prawns chopped up, some herring/pilchard/mullet, bread, tuna oil, water and if you have them available chuck some chicken pellets in there. I reckon you could also mix dog food in, but I've never done that.

For larger species, say drifting for snapper with a berluy trail out the back, chop up pilchards, prawns and squid and chuck them out in the berluy trail with minimum or no weight. I have never done this but this would be my go to mix.

For making burley bombs, chop up some fish and crustacean and drop it down. Basically whatever you use in your bit mix it up then drop it down.

I usually put these in berluy bags/cages but you could put all of these in a burley bomb. I like to freeze it prior to using it also. 

Cheers Hamish

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If your're going for bream, certainly make some of those berluy mixes. Depending on how much run there is when you are flatty fishing, use it as well. You want enough to make a trail but not to much it's just going to drift away.

I wouldn't use it when jack or salmon fishing, because while it might attract bait for live bait i doubt it would be efficient for threadfin and jacks. See if you can catch some of the bait though, and use it live. If you're using lures, don't worry about it.

It will go good with mackerel, if you are bait fishing drift a pilchard in the trail, one on a float and the other down to the bottom.

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Hope this helped,

Cheers Hamish

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