Hardbodies vs soft plastics for estuary fishing  

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  1. 1. Soft plastic vs hardbodies

    • soft plastics for flathead and bream
    • Hardbody lures for flathead and bream

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I sort of new to fishing been fishing for 1 year now i have a bit of experience but I want to get better .im been fishing with bread but now im starting to do more lure fishing so im looking for advice on that im mainly looking to target bream and flathead. i have already got a few soft plastics

and hardbodies . I use a fishing diary and I’ve sort of figured out good times to go fishing. Every time i go fishing I always catch atleast 2-3 fish but are usually undersize bream but sometimes i catch good fish around 30cm btw i fish 2-3 hours a week and i know basic things like knots and tide changes and how they effects the fishing . My gear

atomic arrowz bream surface rod 2pc - daiwa Aird LT 2000 with 6lb braid and a fluorocarbon leader  between 4-8lb

daiwa aird x 2-4kg 2pc - shimano sienna FE 2500 with 10lb braid and a fluorocarbon leader between 8-14lb

go to knots

uni knot to connect leader line to hooks and lures

alberto knot to connect braid to leader

oh and btw i did put this in the wrong topic section sorry about that and also spelling mistakes 

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Hey again, Breaming with bro

I'm nowhere near a lure expert but I can give you some advice that should send you in the right direction. Here it is, hope it helps  

For landbased flathead fishing, soft plastics are the way to go. Fish them on any sandflat or around a sandy/muddy bank or drop offs at dusk or dawn. You may be surprised, but the one flatty I've caught on a lure was in the Brisbane River, in about 30cm of water on a mudbank. From what I've read, flathead hate white sand as they can't blend in and target prey without being seen. So that's what you're looking for - darker sand and mud banks.

In terms of fishing for them, the two retrieves with soft plastics are the slow roll or the hop. The slow roll is in the name, bringing the lure slowly back, with no jerking, the tail in the back is doing that. That is what paddle tails are for. The hop is hopping the lure back. I can't make any recommendations but here are some good Team Madmullet Production videos on flathead fishing with plastics. While hardbodies do account for fish, it's mainly being trolled over sand flats on boats.



Bream fishing is a whole different matter. They can be taken on any soft plastic or hardbody, it needs to be fished around structure such as mangroves, pylons or even moored boats. Small diving lures do account for some fish and so do small plastics. The key is too find where they are hanging out and then you will get them consistently. Experiment with different lures in different spots.

I can also recommend you to borrow/buy some fishing magazines from your newsagent/library, these help too.

Hope this helped, 

Cheers Hamish

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Thanks hamish yea my local spot is brackish and the bottom of river is dirt mud and rock with lots of drop offs and intertidal zone 

so should be good for flathead . The soft plastics im using a zmen grubs slim swims and minnows and the tackle tatics jigheads to rig them I tried the squidgie soft plastics but wasn’t a fan . I only use zmen soft plastics now . Thanks hamish

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Yeah, I use Zman and Squidgies, though I'm still working out which one I prefer. Those are the plastics you want to be using, with the lightest jighead you can to make the lure look more natural.

Cheers Hamish

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    • By Fishyreb
      Hi fishos hope everyone is still getting a line in considering these social restrictions and such.  
      So I've spent two or three nights a week over the last five weeks targeting sharks in the north pine river. I haven't had any success with the sharks, though I've caught some other fish. I've been busted off above the leader, had my trace bitten through, had large live baits bitten in half and smaller ones mangled. I guess I could say I've had a run of bad luck on the sharks. 
      Mostly fishing around dohles rocks and at deepwater bend a couple times and under the bridge on the north side couple times. Fishing with my heavy duty shark rod 30lb line, my 8ft gen purpose 10lb line, and my 6ft spin 8lb. I also have an extra reel with 30lb I sometimes bang on the 8ft if I want 2 shark lines in.  Using mullet and catfish for bait mostly. 
      This last 2 weeks at dohles rocks (I mostly fish both sides of low tide usually after dark)  I've caught some decent bream 35cm+ (and a couple smaller ones), a javelin fish about 35cm, two or three cats about 30cm and two large pike eels last night. I kept one of the eels for shark bait as I was running low on bait.  I was disappointed when I saw the first eel because he put up a good fight I thought he might have been a little shark. 
      (continues after pics) 

      Please login or register to view this attachment I've done a little fishing in Sweeney reserve at petrie. I was getting baits picked off really quick so I put a little whiting hook and tiny bait on and I was catching catfish one after another but they were like only 12cm long. Couple of bream about the same size. Does anyone know if this section of the river is worth fishing? I've put in a few nights there and caught nothing bigger than about 7 inches. Done a bit of lure throwing there too and only caught sticks and snags. 
      I've heard that tarpon sometimes get into this section of the river can anyone confirm this or give me some info on the time of year I'm likely to catch them?  I caught a good one in a gold coast canal last November (after hooking up and getting my lure thrown about 5 times)  I really loved targeting them I'd love to get onto some more. 
      Thanks for reading! 
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      From Seqwater
      UPDATE: To help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, recreation areas at Seqwater-managed lakes and parks will be closed from Thursday 26 March 2020 until further notice. This includes all land and water-based recreation, including boating, walking trails, skiing and fishing.
      More details: 
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    • By Towknee
      last weekend I decided rain, hail or shine. The boat is getting launched.
      So with the wind to strong to chase mackerel in the bay with my tinny. Yesterday arvo we took my 2yo and 5yo to put a couple of crab pots in. Along with getting the 2yo familiarised with the boat on the plane.
      This morning launched the boat at 7am at Toorbul and checked the pots. One legal muddy and one legal sand crab.
      Pumped yabbies & wanted a few poddy mullet. Ended up with plenty of prawns instead.
      the first 4hrs on the morning incoming tide was really entertaining. Between myself, my old man & 5yo we caught;
      - Plenty of bream
      - Small GT
      - flathead
      - 5x  Some kind of herring on yabbies 
      - Undersized grunter
      I really enjoy the passage every time I head back!  
      Hi all
      This weekend my Dad was doing a camp with his Cub Scouts (the level lower than scouts) so I decided to tag along with a couple of my mates. It was great fun and even though I didn't catch anything, it was quite fun and we had fires, went hiking and swimming. I know this is a fishing forum so if you aren't interested in reading a camping report with only a little bit of fishing, I don't advise you continue   The report also has a lot of photos, so you will have to put up with that too  
      Since there weren't any cars to take us up to Rocky Creek Scout Park, we had to train up. The 1 and a half hour train trip up wasn't so bad, but since my friend decided his 'extra good satellite map' would work quicker/better than the route I had planned, and he was being stubborn, we took that way. After the 30 minute walk, we realised the stupid thing had taken us to a big steel fence on the other side of the camp, so we re-traced our steps and got back to the starting point. Afterwards, we took the actual route and arrived. We were all worn out, especially me as I had two packs on, but we were just in time for lunch  
      I was loaded up well, with two backpacks and a tent - 

      Loaded up
       After lunch, we proceeded to get our tents up and went down to Rocky Creek. It was pretty high and a lot more fast flowing than the last time I was there. My friends and I went for a swim, which was very nice. The water was a bit murky and we had to keep checking for rocks. We went on a rope swig that had fortunately been made and slid down some of the slippery waterfalls (hurt your butt a bit but was worth it ). Then, I went for a fish as well - 

      Fishing in Rocky Creek
      I was using soft plastics, poppers and didn't bother flicking anything more expensive out as the creek is riddled with snags. It was on a 6'6'' telescopic rod spooled with 10lb braid and 12lb mono leader and a size 4000 Shimano reel (my travel rod). That was fishing in a pool below a small waterfall, so that's what all the white bubbles are from. It's my second time not catching anything in there, so I'm questioning if there's even any fish/eels inhabiting it. I also was going to use some bait (any leftover meat) but it was quickly consumed by the group of about 40 people camping out.
      After that, I had to get back to camp to make the nights bonfire for everyone. I love making fires on camps, it's one of my favourite things to do    The cubs had just put a whole load of grass on one of their fires, so in this process I was getting smoked alive LOL. 

      We were quite low on wood, so I just used all the big logs first with lots of kindling so it would light. At first I thought it wouldn't go off due to dampness, but after some blowing it did not disappoint   This was about 2 hrs after the creek, and after dinner, which was sausages. We had a couple marshmallows and I was getting seriously tired. 

      After the fire, I was completely done for the day. My legs ached, I began to feel a bit sick and I was tired (more than ever). I decided to crash in my tent, at about 8:00PM. Unlike me though, my friends (who are crazy) slept in the trailer and went to bed at about 1:00AM. I'm not sure what they did in that time apart from getting slayed by mozzies and eating, but they did find a green tree frog -

      One of the few 'catches' 
      Well, I had a really nice sleep and I had a good sleep in too. After drinking a bit, I felt better and today I was up to anything (hopefully  ). After waking up and packing up our gear, I was told to cook breakfast so I got started on the bacon while I waited for the others. They eventually got there and then our cooking operation became more efficient, with the final product ending up like this - 

      BBQ Breakfast
      Now, it occurred to us we had to go home  . We packed up our tents by about 8:30AM (or at least I did) and since we were catching the 11:05AM train, we still had a couple of hours. To kill time, we went for another swim in the creek. The rope swing was fun, and as well as water we had another fire, which I built on the rocks. That was very nice, but we had to keep it going so it took a while for us to chuck some logs on and just let it burn due to the struggle of finding any. It eventually turned out nicely, and we all were back by 10:30AM. The creek had gotten considerably clearer overnight as well.

      Please login or register to view this image Nice Creek
      Overall, it was a nice camping trip and even though there was no fish caught, it was still fun. Next time, I might camp on the rocks under the stars, but we will have to remember everything possibly to repel mosquitoes. 
      Here are some statistics of the report (not much that to read LOL)
      Statistics of trip:
      Location: Rocky Creek Scout Park
      Suitability: Good for large groups, but not much to do... I suppose that's why it's a scout park  
      Fish Caught: None
      Tackle Used: 10lb braid, 12lb mono, small poppers and soft plastics
      Overall Success: 85% - getting there and fishing weren't to good, but otherwise it was awesome!
      Now, I have school camp tomorrow 'till Wednesday, so I won't be on the forum until then. I still need to play the trumpet and pack, too.
      Hope you enjoyed reading the report,
      Cheers Hamish Please login or register to view this image 
    • By Towknee
      after all this rain we have had in SEQ. What are your thoughts on fishing in Moreton bay now and the next month? 
      Anyone experienced it from previous big rain events? 
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