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Hi All,

   I'm looking to get out to Iluka mid March and hopefully for a few days in mid April. Just wondering if anyone has any advice for me for fishing around that time? What should I be targeting?

   How should I be fishing the rock wall? Last time I was there all I was catching were those small annoying eastern kelpfish. I would have thought there would be plenty of bream, or maybe it was just that day.

   I see a lot of articles online of people going for LBG, (macks, longtail tuna), but as always I'm sure it is a lot harder than they make it out to be.

   Any other place between Iluka and Brisbane is also an option if anyone has any other recommendations.

   Have a kayak and a range of gear so can target almost anything. 


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G'day Aal

While I will not be much help with Iluka, I can recommend another location. Brunswick Heads is a fish rich place, has a great tackle shop and good fishing and crabbing. First off all, I'll start with the kayak. I mainly used mine to drop crab pots (will get to that later) but I scoped out a couple of spots that are only accessible from kayak and I know fish are there because I've seen them. Stonka Yellowfin Bream and massive Sand Whiting where feeding around the bridge pylons, in the river that runs into the main one. Here it is (by the way, it's not the first bridge, it's the second.)

The blue line are where the fish are hanging around the pylons, red lines sandbanks (which my Dad and sister have seen fish congregating/feeding on when swimming) and the black lines being rock walls/family friendly parkland you can fish off. They park is a nice spot to chuck a couple of rods in the holders, order some chips and have a feast  

Also on the kayaks, you can drop crab pots. I got a sandy, but that was after I found the spot to drop them. I assume it is good because someone dropped four pots in a line there, so you must produce. This is in the main Brunswick River, it's a bit of a paddle, we were launching from the caravan park. 

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Once again, blue is where I think you should put pots in (if you do), the red part is where I'd say launch from (you might as well launch from the boat ramp though, and the black bits are where I've crabbed with no luck.

Finally, that rocky groin next to the red circle has produced very well for me, with flathead and bream in abundance. I have gotten a big take on an unweighted pilly there too, and caught Moses Perch. My rig of choice is a running sinker with a shank hook to suit the bait, and I've seen some guys pull up about 5 luderick on the opposite groin. Baits that have been productive have been prawns, pilchards, mullet strips and worm.

If you've got anymore questions, I'll try to answer them, I am not saying go to this spot either, and I don't know much about LBG there (been to rough to go on the rocks all the times we've been there) and I'm sure Illuka would have fishing better, if not as good. Hope this helped

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Cheers Hamish

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