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Sorry i have been busy lately with school. But anyway im gonna make this short and sweet . The cruise went well but we weren’t allowed in vanatu waters so we went to new zealand and eden instead btw i didn’t know woollies in New Zealand is called countdown for some reason the best part about the crusie was the teens club lol and mostly the hot girls in the teens club which i couldn’t resist and got their snapchats and are in touch now . I even kissed one and she didn’t hate it   . Food and customer service was excellent .Edit sorry i was busy doing stuff on the ship and didn’t get any photos or videos besides hanging out with my friends i meet  on  the ship but im not showing them as I don’t want to get banned from the forum for inappropriate content 

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Hi Breaming with bro

The teens club sounds like lots of fun LOL, as does the whole cruise.

Pity you are busy with school, I am coming up to exam block so I am getting that way too. 

You wouldn't want to be on a cruise now though, they would lock you up due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Cheers Hamish

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