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Today I purchased a Daiwa 3-6Kg rod for landbased fishing around Port Phillip bay I want to use some Grubz on it and other soft plastics and lures.

Should I have gone the 2-4KG or the 3-6KG?

Purchased a Shimano Nasci 2500 to go with it.

Also got some Daiwa J-braid 15lb.

What leader would you guys buy for this setup please.

I'm very new to fishing.

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Hi Combo64

That sounds good to me, I think that 3-6Kg will be fine. You can always tie on lighter leaders if not getting the bites. Saying that, it depends on what you are targeting. I have read Port Phillip Bay has snapper and flathead in it (correct me if I'm wrong) so that's why the 3-6Kg would be good. 15-20lb leader depending on what you're targeting, 15lb for flathead, 20lb for snaps unless you want to go a bit lighter, then go 10lb. The J-braid will last you well, as mine has.  

Good luck, I hope this helps

Cheers hamish

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