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Hey rayke1938

Yes, I know I struggled to even get out of my bed at 6:30AM this morning, I can't imagine what it would've been like at half past four in the morning.

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Good job on the bass and tandans as well! Also, I don't know if it shows for you or anyone else but the report is repeated a couple of times. 

Cheers Hamish

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9 hours ago, GregOug said:

Hey Ray. Love to try for some of those bass. I know you’ve told us many times before but is there a limit on the size of engine allowed on NPD? Mine’s only 200hp. Is that okay?

Hi Greg, no fuel powered engine allowed on NPD at all.

Electric powered crafts allowed for PRFMA boating access permit holders (see  )

For other SeqWater dams see 

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    • By rayke1938
      Please login or register to view this content Each Tuesday, will are spotlighting a different Seqwater staff member with our 'People behind the water' series, so you can learn a little more about the individuals who help provide safe, reliable and affordable drinking water for South East Queensland. This week we spotlight Principal Compliance Officer, Amber B...
      “My team and I allocate a significant portion of our time patrolling Seqwater catchment and recreation areas, interacting with visitors and promoting public safety in these beautiful settings. Across Seqwater we have six authorised shipping inspectors – three of which are in my team – and these powers allow us to enforce maritime legislation on Seqwater lakes. We are also involved in covert and overt operations to crackdown on illegal trespassing and other offences on Seqwater-managed land. Through our work, my team has built a strong working relationship with a number of external agencies such as the Queensland Water Police, Maritime Safety Queensland, Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol, and Rural Stock and Crime Squad. We also work with other teams within Seqwater to help manage non-compliance issues on Seqwater land, such as land encroachments and stock grazing.
      When we’re not out and about, you’ll find us in the office taking care of the administration side of the job; updating policies and procedures, negotiating shared boundary agreements, managing access to Seqwater land, risk assessments – there’s always paperwork to be done!
      I started working for Seqwater back in 2010 and love the flexible working hours, the variety of tasks I get to perform, working with like-minded and supportive people and the evolving responsibilities in my role. One of the highlights though is that I have the opportunity to see some amazing natural areas within South East Queensland, including some of which are not accessible to the general public. “
    • By rayke1938
      Boat load this morning with Johnathon ,Mark and Rick. Shrimp still scarce .With the lower water level all the weed and grass on the edges has died off with the pots being full of small redclaw which are a pain in the but as you cannot use for bait or return to the water. Bass were scattered and we only found 2 small schools. Johnathon provided a bit of amusement when the head of his reel snapped off the base when he was playing a fish. He did not wish to handline in the fish and spill braid on the floor of the boat so it ended up a combination effort between Mark and Johnathon to bring in the fish ad save the braid.
      Finished up the day with 64 bass,1 yella and 1 tandan.
      Cheers Ray

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    • By khunaus

      I have a 5.5 meter plate centre console and am looking for some advise on what weather reports to look out for wind direction/speed and swell combinations for fishing out at the Cape / Hutchies Reef?

      I'm looking for something as a guide that will be relatively smooth / safe, it does not have to be glass (although nice) but not wanting something too rough to keep it comfortable for the family.

      Whats the max / min between the combinations to keep an eye out for? Ive seen weather reports where I assumed it would be bumpy to see it flat...and vice versa.

      Leaving from and returning to Scarborough.

      Any advise appreciated.

    • By tugger
      Spent 14 days up at 1770 with a dozen lads and 4 offshore boats and 4 smaller tinnies.  We rented the same place we had last year with 3 dwellings to house us all on 4 acres. This place is mint with a fire pit 4m across, we burnt a Ute load of timber every night in which I chainsawed from the paddock behind the block.
      The 1st few days we got over to Lady Musgrave island in ordinary conditions and managed to collect a feed of fish each from the 4 big boats we caught coral trout, redthroat emperor, spangeled emperor, moari cod, hussar, green jobfish and tuskies. It was a squeeze getting everyone in the boats but we managed i had Lance and Terry in my boat for the overnighter out there at Musgrave.
      The rest of the week was blown out but 1 of the boats got out to bustard head the next day it was the biggest boat for the ordinary conditions and they got 3 good spanish mackerel. The next day we all went to baffle creek in the samll tinnies, my outboard was playing up so I slowly motored to a likely spot close to the ramp. It had a rock bar with a deep hole and the water was back eddying behind the rock in this hole.
      I was using mullet strips on my light rod with 10lb line and 10lb leader. I caught many bream where I was casting against the bank. I cast out into the middle in the deep hole and got thumped and broken off so I upgraded the leader to 20lb.
      The next cast I hooked a good fish and next thing a small jack was netted this fish went 33cm returning him after a qujck photo. The next cast I got thumped again another jack fought hard running line and finally hitting the deck at 39cm. The next cast you guessed it thumped giving me curry stripping line and the net slipped under a good 42cm jack.
      The other boys turned up and 1 of the boys got another jack around 42cm as well. The bight slowed and switched off so I called it very happy with my self with 3 jacks from 3 casts.

      Please login or register to view this attachment The rest of the week we did some exploring in murimbular national park with the 4wds and checked out middle creek and a couple of cool lookouts.  We burnt plenty of wood each night as mentioned and cooked up some great dampers in the camp ovens. 
      The 2nd last day I rang home and the missus says to me are you staying longer with the weather coming good. I hadn't looked at it as we were packing to go home so I decided to stay a bit longer and get out again to the reef. My deckies had to leave but Callum jumped ship off another crew so we were on our own in my boat.
      Sunday was mint and by late morning we were banging good trout and lipper. We worked our way deeper and by 3pm for the tide change we hit the red grounds. Callum hooked a stonker and after a good battle landed his 1st legal red emperor going 77cm. We both got plenty of just under or just on legal sized reds.
      This spot went quiet so we moved up to the next bump and Callum hooks up again to another good red again boating a good red at 68cm. The fishing slowed and the sun setting we ran behind the reef to anchor for the night. 
      The weather was still mint and a beautifull night was had without a breath of wind. The next morning the reds didn't bight so back to thumping trout and red throat, tuskies, cod and hussar. We worked our way down to Fitzroy lagoon for a snorkel and we blasted home from there.
      Another night spent back at the ranch by ourselves we lit the fire and downed some coldies. The next day we filleted our catch and parted ways with Callum heading north and me running home.
    • By Dinodadog
      I had the dam to myself yesterday morning, never seen a soul till I was on my way back up the dam at 11 am.It turned into a great morning, it was glassed out and warm. Managed 48 bass from 2 schools, jigging and bait and a few trolling spinnerbaits in shallow water.

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