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17 minutes ago, ellicat said:

It's been very good of late with plenty of activity, Hamish.

I'm sure we all enjoy you being here too.

 Thanks for that ellicat! I'd sure hope so. 😉 I also hope the activity of late keeps up too. 

10 minutes ago, Towknee said:

Hamish, it’s a great forum & it’s the members like yourself who make it great. With the frequent activity and quality content. 

Hey Towknee

Thank you, yep, the members are the most important part of the forum! It's good there are so many helpful people on board.

Cheers Hamish 🙂 

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19 hours ago, Breaming with bro said:

Yea it’s very good forum with people that do all different types of fishing .fish different gear and know little to a lot of info on fishing .has been very helpful for my fishing and sure has been useful for others to 

Same here Breaming with bro. I have learnt a load on rigs, baits, and that sort of thing. 

19 hours ago, Cam Lenton said:

Much better than other social

media sites. 😂 No arguing about why we should or shouldn’t be protesting. Just fishing and enjoying what we have 😂

Yeah, very true Cam. It is only positivity on here! 

Cheers Hamish 🙂 

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On 27/07/2020 at 7:54 PM, AUS-BNE-FISHO said:

Heya all

I just wanted to say (it has been said a lot recently so I don't mean to just create another thread) but I LOVE THIS FORUM. 

As well as the countless facts, and information learned (Tonight, I learnt that dolphins once came up to Kooka Park.... and to hate the ski lice!), there are plenty of laughs and good threads on here that I can somewhat relate too. 

I still need to put up another report, but nothing happened in it, and I'm pretty busy with school at the moment. 

The activity currently is great. There are lots of new members and everything is buzzing. 

Cheers Hamish 🙂 

And the Forum loves you. 

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