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Built A 60l Spare Fuel Tank

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Jon, no breather necessary, it is just for storage, fill it up, go to where I am going and completely drain fuel from it to the main tank. Done!

I would have liked to have it have it connected  the main tank but as that is sealed under the floor there is no way to get to it. An alternative way would be to connect it to the main fuel line via a T- piece where it comes out of the tank at the back of the boat but that is just an added complication. This way is simpler and I can just remove the tank easily (8 screws) when not needed. For around here where I mainly fish, my main tank is more than enough, I think it is about 150L and I think I go through less than half a tank for a days fishing here. Think of it as a big Jerry can! 😀

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Yeah looks perfect I’ve contemplated adding something like that to my rig either fuel or water as my where windscreen Meets the clears is right at my eye level so a fifty to sixty litre “ step” would be a great option So I’m not ducking or tiptoeing especially when bar crossing.I think I’m gonna look into it.

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2 minutes ago, AUS-BNE-FISHO said:

Very nice job Ed.

It looks great. It sure will be handy to have around! 

Cheers Hamish

For my normal fishing around Morton Island, it isn't necessary as my main tank has more than enough fuel. but if I can get my motor sorted out, then a trip out to the reef from 1770 is about 65Km each way plus running around and if we hit rough seas the motor will chew a lot more juice so  will be nice to have more than I need.

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13 hours ago, Ed. said:

Thank you, I like to be safer than sorry, If you know what I mean, better to have  extra fuel and not need it, than need it and not have it.

isnt that the old golden rule of calculating how much you need...its what i follow anyway

50% fuel to get there and motor around

50% to get back

50% extra as backup

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