queensland Brisbane River Session #42 And #43

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Hi everyone

Just going to do two more reports, both donut sessions. Hopefully I can manage some OK ones this weekend if I manage to even get out! The first session happened last week.

I went down to the local park, despite the weather looking very depressing. It was a high tide, so not quite ideal, but in a couple casts I had gotten a frog-mouth pilly and some OK prawns. There was some young guys fishing there (20's), who said they have caught one river perch. I had to put my lines in off the jetty, so i put one up on the mud bank, one near the mangroves, and one in the salmon spot. I kept throwing my cast net and also hoped the rain would hold off. 

Not long after, I did a higher throw. There was a screw sticking out of the jetty pylon, and yep, my net got bloomin' caught on it! I wasn't even tall enough to take it off, but luckily the other crowd was departing and noticed. One of them came down and gave me a hand to get it off. I kept fishing, but instead of having a line up on the mud bank I changed to a line next to some of the pylons with as live prawn. It almost immediately got an OK hit, but there was no connection. 

I moved my lines back up onto the wooden pier and put the cart under a tree. It started raining at this moment, so I just waited for a bit under shelter. There were no fish though, and there weren't even any picker nibbles! It was a very quiet day, and unfortunately it stayed like this for the rest of the time. My dad did come down at one point and caught some better prawns in the cast net. I sent these down in the cod/bream/flathead spot to see if anything was down there, and apart from pickers I got nothing 

Later, my mum came down and made me come home. I kept the lines in as long as possible, but unfortunately no fish. I missed some good hits (or it seemed that way) just as the sun was setting, which where taking whole, big, live prawns. I am wondering exactly what is down there, because as well as cod, bream of all sizes, toads, and flatties it seems there are a lot more fish down there. If only it was a bit cleaner...

Here are the stats of this little trip, which really wasn't that exciting - 

Stats of trip - 

Tide: The tide was running out as I fished. 

Tackle Used: 12lb, 14lb, 30lb braid mainlines, 20lb, 30lb fluorocarbon leaders, 80lb mono trace, size 2 and six ball and bean sinkers, larg-ish barrel swivel, size 4/o circle and suicide hooks, 6"6' Vemonat?? Graphite rod, 2M Rogue Firepoint boat rod, 8" Ugly Stik rod, size 2500 Diawa Shinabo and Shimano Nasci, size 650 Penn reel. 

Bait used: Live prawns, dead fresh prawns, live frogmouth pilchards

Fish caught: Zilch

Bait caught: Prawns and frog mouth pilchards

Weather: Gloomy, sad, overcast

Time fished: 2 something until 5 something

Overall Success Rate: 20% - crap everything

Here is the next report, unfortunately, also another donut. Tis one was a bit more interesting. My high school, on the Brisbane River, actually has a fishing club running. Since I have school band on certain days, I decided to do it on Friday - with the 9's-12's. I came 20 minutes early, with two rods, a little sack of gear, and a cast net. I was told just to keep a rod and the sack of gear, which was unfortunate. I was now using servo bait... for about the first time in yonks. 

I dropped my line down nder the jetty, and hoped for a cod or bream. It was quite rocky and deep, making it not so ideal for cast netting. In my experience, you want muddy, shallower areas for good bait. Looks like I will be doing a before-fishing-club-cast-netting-session next week! It wasn't long before I got some small nibbles, but they were just small. This kept happening, and I just kept fishing.

It was only going to be an hour session. By about the halfwayway mark, no one had caught anything. I had an average hit which may have had a bit more size to it, but it didn't hook up/I didn't strike in time. Someone eventually pulled up an eel, freshwater, which was about 60-70cm. Normally he would've been shark bait but I decided not to bother asking as I would have had to have freezer space somewhere  

It soon ended, and I went back to get out of the clothes and into school uniform. I kept my fishing rod in the office and then went to class. An OK fish for an 1 hour morning session, that's for sure! Here are the stats of that trip - 

Stats of trip - 

Tide: 2:30AM Low, .5M, 8:00AM, 1.6M, high

Moon Phase: First Quarter

Air Pressure:1024

Weather: Sunny, slight breeze, chilly

Time Fished: 7-8AM

Fish caught: Bugger all

Bait used: Servo Prawns

Bait caught: - 

Tackle Used: 12lb braid mainline, 20lb fluorocarbon leader, size 2 bean sinker, size 4/o suicide hook, Vemonat??? Graphite 6"6' rod, size 2500 Diawa Shinobi. 

Overall Success Rate: 40% - a nice fish

OK, thanks for reading those ones guys. The lone pic (panorama) of the gloomy day will be added later. Hopefully QLD can stay safe with COVID-19!

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Cheers Hamish

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    • By rayke1938
      Went to Western arm this morning with Hai and Mark. Ended up with 48 bass with only a few around 40cm. Someone needed 4 of our shrimp traps just cutting the ropes off and leaving them dangling from the trees.It is a while since we have rebaited the pots and the shrimp were very dark and large.Most of the fish were caught among the trees on Ians Island and the entrance to bass bay.
      Cheers Ray

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      Hey guys
      My mate (who is a keen paddler) has been pushing my dad and me to go for a paddle with his dad and him for the last while. Dad hasn't been available recently, as he is busy with work and cub scouts (he's a leader), but this week he decided to do it! We met at the local park and after I had caught some live bait we left. The livies consisted off prawns, mainly smaller buggers, but there were a couple OK ones in there too. I had three rods - one with a simple running sinker rig, one with a swivel, and one with a special hardbody lure (more on that later). 

      They looked appealing to me, but not so much to the fish  
      The plan was to go to the nearest bridge (a bit over 3 clicks away) so we set off. The tide was going out, and we were going downstream, so it worked quite well. Quickly, we were at the large feeder creek that we have named 'Three Pylon Creek', as there are three pylons at the front of it. I need to fish it more, but the few catfish I have pulled up from there fight like bloody salmon! We went down the bend next, and then saw my school pontoon. I won the bet against my dad as well as he thought we weren't going to reach it. Sooner than later, we were at the bridge. There is actually a sandy beach there, so we put the lines in the yak and waited with our live prawns. My friend and dad (and friends' dad) starting having some races in the kayaks while I just kept fishing. I had one throw of the cast net eventually but to no avail. 
      There was a drop off just on the edge of the bank, which I hoped would make the fishing better. It was a bit weird taking one step then getting knee deep, but it was only a scouting mission. This spot seems like it would go OK to fish from a rising/run out, and tie up to one of the big bridge pylons. Hopefully then we could catch a big salmon, or something along the lines of that. You'd have to think there'd be big cod sitting near the pylons too..

      The set up


      Please login or register to view this image I think it's a bit eroded here!!!  
      It is also worth a mention that this place used to have a ferry terminal or something along the lines of that. I have read on this forum people have caught threadfins here, but on the jetty that was here prior 2011 floods. If anyone wants to know the bridge, I'll just PM you... but anyone who's been on for a long time might know from this hint - Cobia. My dad gave the net a couple throws too, and it seems there is a lot of bait there. In two throws, he got a bunch of big glassies, some mullet, bream, and even a little whiting! 
      Soon it was time to reel the lines back in, but just as I was about to reel the light one in it got some nibbles. I missed them though, and when I retrieved the bait it was now headless. Oh well! The salmon line still had it's larger prawn perfectly intact, so it was a bit disappointing I couldn't just chuck it back out. The 3Km paddle back to the park was nice and relaxing, and I didn't have any back pains like I did on the way there. I paddled for the whole time straight, which got us there a bit quicker and allowed us to compete with our mates in surf skis! 
      I chucked the lines out back on the jetty, and once again, no fish. The one is the cod spot got pickered though, but I guess I won't know if it would've been worth fishing this arvo. We left for home then, and I gave the yak a quick hose off and put the gear around the side to pack up tomorrow. 
      On a side note (thought I'd tell everyone), we got a new car!  The suba is gone now though, so that is a bit sad... The only thing is with the new car, we hate the smell of the leather? Or something like that. Please login or register to view this image I was just thinking as well, there are a few different yakkers on the forum! @Leosonfire, @Cavvy, @benno573, @samsteele115... (probably more I can't think of right now). Maybe a social trip to Wello Point or something along the lines of that guys? (Or anywhere better for our locations..)
      I hope you all enjoyed the report, and let's hope that we don't have to go back into isolation due to COVID-19 or something along the lines of that. Here are the stats of this report - 
      Stats of trip - 
      Tide: High, 9:50AM, 1.7M, Low, .3M, 3:50pm, High, 10:40PM, 2.4M
      Moon Phase: First quarter moon, nearly full moon - lots of run
      Air Pressure: 1026
      Tackle Used: 12lb, 14lb, 30lb braid mainlines, 20lb, 30lb fluorocarbon leaders, 80lb mono trace, size 4/o circle and suicide hooks, size 6 and 2 ball sinkers, custom made hardbody lure (approx. 3-4cm), size 2500 Shimano and Diawa Nasci and Shinobi, Size 650 Penn reel, Ugly Stik 8" rod, 6"6' Vemonet rod, Rogue Firepoint boat rod (6"6'). 
      The hardbody lure was given to me by a good friend's dad. I was at his party, and since his dad makes lures, he made one for me! I will post a picture up when I get the chance. It is a deep diving hardbody, probably good for bream, bass, and maybe even lizards!
      Bait used: Live prawn
      Bait caught: Prawn, mullet, glassy, whiting
      Fish caught: - 
      Time fished: 3 (something) until 4 (something)
      Weather: Glassy, no wind, moderate temp
      Overall Success Rate: 70% - a good scouting mission
      Cheers Hamish
    • By Cam Lenton
      Evening all
      Hope your weekend was a little more fruitful than mine
      Please login or register to view this image 
      Took the tinny out last night. Great tide/moon phase. Had perfect sized live mullet and live prawns for bait. Drifting top and change of the tide in known Jew and Salmon territory. Unfortunately, spent more time watching the footy on Kayo than reeling In the fish. Just wondering if the affects of the deluge SE QLD received a week still has an effect of fishing. The Logan and Albert river get quite ‘fresh’ after   rain, with the fresh water working its way down stream. Just wondering if people take previous rain into account when fishing local rivers? 
    • By rayke1938
      Went to NPD this morning with new AFO member Neil Stratford and Grant.As we had no shrimp left over from last trip we had to resort to trolling lures to where we had our shrimp traps. Grant managed a lone bass on a yellowy looking thing with hooks hanging out of its bum.
      By the time we had done our shrimp pots we decided it was not worth while heading back upstream to try some of our usual spots so we headed over to the drop off opposite our traps to find someone already there pulling in bass regularly. We tried around them and pulled around  10 bass before deciding to go downstream to try greener pastures.
      We found a few small schools but as soon as we hooked a fish they would move.
      We only went as far as the fig tree and returned upstream to only add a few more fish to the tally.
      Final score was 24 bass ,1 yella and one tandan. Best bass probably only 42cm.
      Grant and Neil both caught tagged bass.
      Cheers Ray

      Please login or register to view this attachment
    • By ellicat
      The weather is looking too good to miss out on this week.
      So Monday @Old Scaley and I are heading out, Tuesday @Leosonfire and I are heading out and on Wednesday @shaun1800 and I are tagging up with @GregOug and decky and heading up Curtain way.
      Tuesday is showing up as an 'Excellent' day for fishing according to the almanac, with Monday and Wednesday showing as 'Good' days.
      Hopefully with 3 days on the water there will be something to show for it (other than an early tan) and the reports will keep those who have to work entertained.
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