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queensland Where Are Some Landbased Spots In Hervey Bay? (not Urangan Peir)

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will be spending abit of time at urangan peir but sometimes i do like to venture off and have a flick somewhere else more secluded, if anyone knows anywhere that i can do this id be grateful to let you know and im still learning alot so you dont have to worry that ill take all the fish. i do prefer in the bush more then on a jetty so if anyone does know any creeks or anything like that where youd be able to walk up a fair bit and keep casting along the water thatd be great even if id have to travell abit i dont mind. also wouldnt mind a few hints on some lures or bait they may be helpfull around any of theres areas aswel and the kinds of fish that hang around, not looking after anything massive. cheers 

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Hi xander mate

I'm no Hervey Bay expert, but I'd assume you'll find it hard for anyone to give up a secret spot.

Google maps will be your friend. Look for structure in creeks -rock bars, feeder creeks, even mangroves. That is where there'll be fish. 

Do they ever get barra in Hervey Bay?

Cheers Hamish

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Hi mate. I lived in the bay about 25 years ago when I was a teenager. I lived in Urangan, across from the boat harbour. I loved fishing the flats on the beach for a flathead and whiting. At times big trevelly (8-10kg)  would scavenge the yabbie holes and you would land one from there. 
Not sure if you’re allowed anymore, but I’d also fish from the rock wall of the harbour. The rock around near the aquarium was also fantastic for big bream. 
Happy fishing. 

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