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Funnily enough I had one spooled recently at BCF Greenslopes. He didn't use backing either and when I questioned him he said they never do (which is not true as I have had reels spooled previously where they did use backing).

I'm guessing it won't really matter as it is only 10lb and I think it would take more pressure than that to make the line slip.

Interested in others' opinions.

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It doesn't matter unless something too large for your combo takes hold and takes all your line. If you manage to stop it and the arbor knot holds, when you try to wind back on it MAY slip on the spool and not be able wind back on. Hence mono backing; or at least electrical tape on the spool. 

I wouldn't worry about it, the likelihood of it happening isn't high unless you target fish that you shouldn't be on that combo... in which case, serves you right

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