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Shimano Baitrunner Question

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Zander Mate: These measurements are only just a guide for how much line of that size you should be able to put on the reel to fill it up.

Which is a bit misleading as 1) The manufactures are usually a bit optimistic in the capacity and 2) lines from different manufacturers can have different diameters for the same strength line.

As in a 30lb rated line from one manufacturer might be  0.60mm thick, another brand may be 0.50mm  and another brand may be 0.43mm, so there is a huge variation in the the amount of "30lb line" that a reel can take to fill it up, so obviously the thicker the line, the less line you can put on to fill up a spool. The other thing to be aware of is the actual line class that is stated. "Test" line is guaranteed and designed to break at slightly less than the stated capacity (for record  making purposes) ie; a 30lb test line might break at 28.9lb, and it is usually stated on the Line spool what it is,  whereas general run of the mill line may do the same or it could break at double what it is rated it.  Other things to be aware of is, that most, but not all reel manufacturers will use mono as the standard for line capacity,  but some will use line breaking strain and some will use line physical diameter  and lastly some will use braid as the standard as it is thinner and their reels will appear to hold more line than a comparable size reel, or a combination of all the different measurements to just add to the confusion. As the saying goes; the devil is in the details!

That is why you may see claims by line manufacturers of "ours is the strongest 30lb line"... That is because it's not 30lb line, it's possibly 40-50lb line but advertised as 30lb line! So at the end of the day it is a bit of a guessing game and just a marketing ball park figure to describe the reel capacity.

If you put on a stronger line than the capacity stated you should not " break" the reel. what will happen is that if you for argument sake, you put on 24kg  braided  line on a 2000 size reel which may only have a drag capacity of let say 5kg, the most that will happen if you wind in the drag to max, will be that the reel will hold the spool from spinning and letting out line till it reaches its max of 5kg, then the spool will slip as you have exceeded the reels 5Kg max drag max and it will start to let line out. Now that fish may stop before you run out of line or it may keep going.

If it keeps going then will happen is that if it is a big fish that can pull 24kg of drag on a long run  it will keep taking out line till you get spooled and then it is just the knot on the spool that is holding the line, as that particular reel is only a 2000 but you have 24kg pulling on it then yes it may break, the other situation where it may break is if you grab the spool with your hand to stop being spooled then you will still have 24kg pull on the reel and it may break as well.

Hope this explains it better.




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I should have also pointed out that if you have a reel that has a 10kg drag capacity and you put on 4kg line, when a big fish comes along and starts to pull line off your reel, and you try to stop it by cranking the reels drag up to 10kg, once the stretch of the line is used it will break the line,  all things being considered with regards to the true actual line strength as mentioned in my previous post. You also have to take in consideration of how much line you have let out, how much line is left on the spool  as they will also influence on when your line will snap.

So if you are down to 1/3rd of line left on your spool, your drag will have  automatically increased considerably from when the spool was full, secondly  having a big belly of line in the water will also add to the drag on the line as well as the angle of the line. So these factors have to be considered and you need to adjust your drag accordingly when you fight a fish other wise your line may break.

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Hi xander mate

Some great information above from ellicat and Ed. That will set you in the right direction.

I put heavier line on my reel than it says on the ratio. If the reel has only 7Kg of drag, you may want to only put 8 or 9 Kg line on it. Your reel won't break unless it is very over-worked, and somehow too much pressure is applied. 

Cheers Hamish

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