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Hi everyone,

I have inquired about a boat behind a family member's house. It has been sitting there for a few years and hasn't really been used. It's a Quintrex 520 Dory. The boat is a Quintrex so it's solid and has a thicker hull than most boats that size. I am happy with the boat and the trailer has been fully rebuilt with an electric winch. The motor is an old Mariner (75hp) but does run. The only problem is that the boat has a small leak. I am getting a family member (who is a boilermaker, has worked on boats and is highly skilled in welding) to look at the boat and see the condition of the hull. Providing the leak is the only problem in the boat, could it be patched up and still be a good boat to use? I like the size of it and will switch it from a side to a centre console (it's currently a side console). I have done some research and patches don't affect the boat much supposedly. If it's a crack at a weld, I assume the crack can be welded over? Thanks.

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Sounds like a cracker mate. 5.2 Quinny yew! 

If you put the hose in the boat and add a bottle red or blue food die will find the crack pretty quickly.

Clear water on its own is really hard. 

Lots of old tinnys have patches and cracks re-welded

Mate you have something that us mere mortals can only dream of... a boilermaker in the family!!!

My only question is why you want to go from side console to centre? Lots of people are doing the reverse. I know they look better but they take up more room in the boat and you need to squeeze beside the console each time you go from front to back. If it were me I would try it as a side console for a bit and see if you can live with it. 

Anyway very happy for you that sounds like a ripper solution. 

Send it! 

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I want to go for a centre console so I am able to stand up and drive. It will be better for my back when I drive the boat. The side console is just a home job with a plastic console. If I get the boat, my school holiday project was to gut the boat, put a custom floor with hatches and a bait tank and convert to a centre console. The boat is extremely wide so might no be a huge deal. I will certainly use food colouring. He just needs to see the hull to determine if it’s able to be used (and out the reef). 

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On 15/09/2020 at 7:11 AM, Jaz44 said:

I want to go for a centre console so I am able to stand up and drive. It will be better for my back when I drive the boat. The side console is just a home job with a plastic console. If I get the boat, my school holiday project was to gut the boat, put a custom floor with hatches and a bait tank and convert to a centre console. The boat is extremely wide so might no be a huge deal. I will certainly use food colouring. He just needs to see the hull to determine if it’s able to be used (and out the reef). 

Nice one mate. Enjoy. 

Sounds like a fantastic project. 

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There are leaks and then there are greater signs of trouble.  There are so many vairiables here however most boats develop a leak or two over time.  If the boat has been used in the bay repeatly and treated poorly there will be the tell tale signs. Look at the bottom of the hull, along the hull. A boat that has had a hard life will have the hull pushed up /cupped between the ribs and may have significant structural fatigue.  Check that the Ribs are attached and the packing is still in place.  Welding a crack without addressing the cause will only mean you are revisiting the issue again in the near future depending on its use.  It also depends on your planned use, are you fishing creeks, dams, esturay or partially smooth waters. 

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Thanks for all of the advice guys. I have talked to my parents and we have decided to take our time. Many boats (and good buys) will pop up in the next 6-12 months. That Quinnie will always be sitting in his backyard (he sort of wants too much for what it is and doesn’t want to be told it’s not worth that price). Has anyone heard of ‘Star’ or ‘Starcraft’ boats? There is a 5.2m centre console an hours drive from me. It’s a 5mm plate boat with an older model 75hp Mariner which supposedly starts first go. When I checked the rego though, it said it was 4.3m and from 1977. The boat looks far bigger than 4.3m and looks like a newer design than 1977. I am not too sure whether to drive and look at this or pass it. He want $7500 for it. I have attached 6 photos of the boat. 


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    • By Dinodadog
      Luke and I decided to fish the edges in amongst the weed.It was to be a short walk, which turned into about 10 k around trip.Managed to have a good nights sleep, well good for me slept through from 9 till 3 this morning. It kills me but I just love fishing the edges in dam or creek.
      Anyway the fishing was great, we would bunny hop each other along the bank fishing the gaps in the weed, Most fish would strike just as the spinnerbait reached the front of the weed, then it was on to get the fish threw the weed, best idea was to try and skim the fish over the top of the weed. We lost afew fish but still managed to land well over 60 bass and the one yella. That cheeky Luke said ah well I suppose I'll see you in a month when you recover to do it again.
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    • By rayke1938
      Bit slow at NPD  yesterday morning with 31 bass and 5 yellas on live shrimp.Yellas were a good plate size averaging around 3lb in weight. All yellas went into the esky. Fad 2 was the best spot providing 18 bass and 3 yellas. Ramp is a bit tricky but is due to be fixed on friday so the gate will be locked so no fishing on friday. 16 boats on the water today aprox 1k wlk up the hill to last trailer, Glad I was first car at the gate. On the  way back to the ramp found 23 of my pots one was on the edge with no float and the other 2 of my shrimp traps  had migrated  about 1k upstream. Only good thing was that they had fresh bait in them so i got a few shrimp for next trip.
      Dear Permit Holder

      You will be aware that the declining water level at Lake Samsonvale is creating difficulties with launching & retrieving vessels at the boat ramp. Last year, we created a new launch area to the left of the roadway and this has been effective in making it easier to launch & retrieve. We now intend to extend this "ramp" and hope to carry out this work on Friday 25th September.
      In the interest of safety, we have decided to close access to the permit area for the day.  The gate lock will be changed so you will not be able to enter through the Adsetts Rd gate. If you were planning to fish that day, please make other arrangements.
      We apologise for this inconvenience but the work is necessary if we want continued access to the lake. You will be advised if there are any changes to this arrangement.

      Noel Frost - President

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      Hi all
      Well, I've been slack in posting my reports of late so I'm going to do a four in one right now. To save you from reading three boring reports, if you want to read about last night's yak trip, fast forward to the last report. Otherwise, you can just read about my OTHER unsuccessful salmon trips. It's including a lot of different species, such as scat, bream, mullet, catfish, blah, blah, blah!
      The first session was on the 13th of September. It was another early morning session, targeting the iconic Brisbane River threadfin salmon. We got there a bit before six, mainly to catch livies. Now, it was the wrong tide, about half way up and rising. Normally at this spot you'll be able to get truckloads of baits, especially prawns, on a dead low, but on a high you'll get bugger all except stick-fish. That was happening with us today, so it was lucky we had some frozen prawns (from prior sessions) with us today. I baited up the lines, but we still needed a livie for the salmon line. We really couldn't get one, which was bloody annoying, but after a short time my Dad did hook up to a little catty. It put up an OK fight, and soon enough we landed it and got rid of it - 

      With the temperature fast warming, I can expect to see more of these... I can also expect some bull sharks!  
      After that catty, we still weren't getting any bait.  By about 7:00AM, my dad went back home and left me on my own. The tide was still wrong, but at least now it had changed to the run out making it easier to fish. I also baited up the salmon line with a chunk of the Aussie Farm Prawn, as I wanted at least a slim chance of enticing one. I gave my mates a text to see if I could get some company, but I thought that was unlikely as I'm the only one who can be bothered to get out of bed on my holidays!
      After many picker attacks, and re-positioning of rods, my friend Sam came down. He didn't bring the good-luck with him though, so we mainly just sat around, bait checking the rods, and giving the cast net the odd throw to check if there was any bait about yet. At around 9:00AM (yes, the session was that bad that I've pretty much skipped two hours ), we saw something pretty remarkable. First, we heard what sounded like someone falling in the water... We turned around and saw what looked to be a bully trying to eat a catfish which was feeding off algae on the pylons. I didn't get a good enough look at the 'big' fish, but judging from size, fin shape, etc (or what little of it I saw), I'd call it for one of them. 
      After that, the same catfish (about a forty centimetre fish) kept swimming around on the surface for about five minutes. I got some of it on video, which is pretty cool I reckon... The video is like 4 minutes long though, which makes it a pain to post as it is SO large. 

      Swimming fish!  
      The funny thing was, straight after I'd went to call my dad and tell him about it, a catfish/mullet of similar size floated by, half rotted, but with what looked like a BIG bite mark out of it. Maybe the warming temperatures are causing river sharks to become more active?

      One really weird thing that happened today as well, that I can't possibly think an explanation up for. Whenever I reeled in my line, the fishing line would come back covered in mud. I had to pinch the line to stop it from going all over the reel. It was like there was a sediment suspended mid water making this happen. Anyone got an idea? 
      We didn't get a rod ready in time for the catty, and shortly after, due to the lack of bites, we left the park. It was a pretty dud session overall, and I did donut, but I guess you'll always get those. Here are the stats of this report - 
      Statistics of Trip - 
      Tide: Low, .6M, 1:30AM, High, 7:10AM, 1.5M, Low, 1:09PM, .4M
      Moon Phase: Waning Crescent Phase, so not much run
      Weather: Slightly cloudy and breezey
      Fish caught: Catfish x 1
      Bait used: Prawn
      Bait caught: Bugger all
      Tackle Used: Same as always - 12, 14, 30 pound braid mainlines, 20-30lb leaders, 80lb mono trace, size 4/o suicide/circle hooks, large barrel swivel, size 2500 Shimano Nasci and Diawa Shinobi, 6"6 Venomat? rod, 8" Ugly Stik, Size 2M Rogue Firepoint boat rod, shocker and blood knots. 
      Overall Success Rate: 30% - at least we saw something out of the usual...
      Alright, here is the next report. This one took place on Saturday, and it was another arvo session. I'd actually gotten a new cast net for the yak and I planned to use that one to give it a test out. Once again, there really wasn't much bait around today, so I stuck to using Aussie Farm Prawns.
      I had my lines in by about half past two, and I was also giving the net a test. It throws decently, but I'll need to give it a soaking in sugar-soap and water overnight so it goes nice and sift and not springy. When the net is springy, you'll often pancake it before it hits the water then it'll go smaller. It didn't take long before I got the first hit. I completely missed it though, so I re casted and kept cast netting. Not long after, I see the rod buckled over. I pull up the net as fast as I can, and begin to fight the fish. It had some OK weight about it, and while it didn't take any good runs still had some go in it! When I saw it, I realised it was a bream, to my surprise. Normally I pull these ones (especially up at that size) from structure, rarely from the middle of the river! 
      The solo net job is still something I need to get better at, especially off the jetty. It took my a few minutes to walk him down and get him in the net, but after that I think it all went smoothly. I took him up to the brag mat (thinking the Suburbs of Origin comp leading bream was still @ellicat's at 31.5cm, not @Daryl McPhee's at 33.5cm... I think anyways), tipped some water on the mat (so he stayed calm), got the hook out with my hands, then took a pic and put him back . He swum off fine, so that just shows that hopefully there'll be an OK population of bigger bream in the river. I'd love to get a trophy bream out of the Brisbane River. 

      My three fingers for SOO and, I think I'm mastering the one handed breambo selfie!
      After that bream, which got some hope into me, I rebaited, and kept throwing the net. There was still no bait around and to much tide to throw the net, so I had a sit down with the rods. For the next hour and a bit, nothing happened at all, except the fact my mate came down. I briefly summarized the day so far, which wasn't much, and we kept fishing. 
      The salmon line was still baited with some dead prawn, but luckily my dad came down. He did one pancake of the ten footer, and got 7 poddy mullet! I chucked one out (well two actually as one went flying off the hook), and left the livie out. This fella lasted for ages. I gave him about three bait checks and he was still as lively as anything. The rod which had caught my bream also had a live prawn on the end. I think my dad (see, I don't fully remember) got a juvenile bream in the net at one point, which was safely released as well. I think it is great to see that bream are thriving around and in the river. I guess it can be expected as they have just bred though. 

      Small Bream 
      After that one, my dad headed off. It was around five now, and I was still doing some cast netting. In one of my throws, I felt a good tug. I was hoping for a mullet, but the second I saw the bugger I knew what it was. A dirty old scat. You will not get me to change my mind ever. These are one of the most annoying bloody things to get into your net. The barely come out, spiky everywhere... That's a recipe for disaster. I got mine out after about 5 minutes, and after a quick picture put him back into the water. The funny thing was he got sucked straight back down by a whirlpool made by the current. Funny to watch, that is  

      30cm of Yuk!'
      After that scat, it was nearly half past five. The salmon line was untouched, and apart from some small hits the other line was too. I was disappointed that I couldn't get a salmon, but at least this session was no donut. Here are the stats of this report - 
      Statistics of report - 
      Tide: 12:11PM, High, 2.15M, 6:30PM, Low, .1M
      Moon Phase: New Moon, so quite a bit of run!
      Fish caught: Scat x 1, Bream x 2
      Bait caught: Poddy Mullet and prawn
      Bait used: Dead and live prawn, live poddy mullet
      Tackle Used:  12, 14, 30 pound braid mainlines, 20-30lb leaders, 80lb mono trace, size 4/o suicide/circle hooks, large barrel swivel, size 2500 Shimano Nasci and Diawa Shinobi, 6"6 Venomat? rod, 8" Ugly Stik, Size 2M Rogue Firepoint boat rod, shocker and blood knots. 
      Weather: Cloudy, light sprinkles of rain
      Overall Success Rate: 40% - a good bream
      Okey-dokey, now to the last session that took place at the local park. This one was in the early morning, mainly because one of my friends wanted to come down. We got to the park a little before six, and he got there a little before seven. My dad and I started cast netting first up... He got a couple good bait prawns in the first cast, but I got nothing. On my dad's second cast though, up came two bream. Both tiny ones, but still an OK start to the morning. The certainly gave a good tug in the net, and they were safely released. 

      Two bream, just about legal (or maybe a tad over)
      That was a good start, and as well as them my dad and I had manged about 5 poddy mullet soon after. Yippee. That was our cod and salmon bait sorted for the day. Not long before my friend got there, my dad manged to get a solid 33cm mullet which will most likely become crab pot bait. It gave him another good pull too. He was getting all the good ones and what was I stuck with? Glassies!.. 

      My Dad's 33cm Mullet
      The mullet and bream were a good way to start the day, but it was still not what we can there for - a thready! My dad found out about the scats too, as he got a bigger one as well (I still had to remove it). I hope they don't start becoming common here, but then again if they did they'd become crab bait! 

      Scat number 2
      After he was put back, the netting went quiet. The lines hadn't even been touched this whole time, so I was starting to think this might be a donut session for me. It kept this way for another hour or so, until the tide changed. The same thing with the mud on the reels happened (like I said in the above post), and it was most annoying. Seeing as though it only happened on the rising in tide, I'm thinking there may be a lot of dirt stirred up on the tide change causing this to happen? 
      The bite still stayed quiet, and for the rest of the morning I couldn't manage a fish. I tried my best, by re-positioning rods, but it still didn't work. I kept bait checking the lines, and eventually I was onto the cooked prawns I had. These certainly didn't help the bite rate, and it seems the fish completely stay away from them. I've read that they make a great bait in lots of old threads but I haven't been able to prove that true at all. Both the live mullet were still going strong, but I didn't end up getting a fish on either of them.
      At about 10:00AM, I left the park and called the session. At least I've got some more crab bait now. A couple more and it'll be POB crabbing time! Here are the stats of the trip - 
      Statistics of Trip - 
      Tide: High, 12:25AM, 2.3M, Low, 7:00AM, .1M, High, 1:00PM, 2.2M
      Moon Phase: New Moon so a bit of run!
      Weather: Cloudy, cool-ish
      Fish caught: 2 x Bream, 1 x Scat, 1 x Mullet
      Bait caught: Poddy Mullet (and a couple prawns)
      Bait used: Live and dead prawns, poddy mullet
      Tackle used: 12, 14, 30 pound braid mainlines, 20-30lb leaders, 80lb mono trace, size 4/o suicide/circle hooks, large barrel swivel, size 2500 Shimano Nasci and Diawa Shinobi, 6"6 Venomat? rod, 8" Ugly Stik, Size 2M Rogue Firepoint boat rod, shocker and blood knots. 
      Overall Success Rate: 30% - crab bait!
      OK, so here is the spot you want to be if you are only reading the yakking trip, but otherwise, good job in keeping up! This was a night time session at Dutton Park around Green Bridge, which while is heavily fished, still seems to hold fish (or it did the last time I was there). We got there at around 6:30PM to catch livies and set off. 
      After getting numerous herring, poddy mullet, and a couple prawns (as well as glassies and scat), we launched in the kayak. Collecting bait was quite fun, with me getting the odd school of (small) herring, and my dad getting the same. I got most of the good mullet though. Another fella fishing there gave us some bigger herring as he must've heard me say, "These buggers are bloody small!", and gave me a hand. He was trying for early season sharks, which I don't think he was too successful on. 
      We got out, and decided to drift the last of the rise up towards a red marker buoy. I deployed a good live mullet, and my dad chucked on a small winter whiting which I'd caught. I sent the baits down though, and we hoped the first drift could bring some big fish! 
      Deploying a livie (mullet) down to the depth below
      It was very deep, and since we didn't have time to put on the sounder before we left we simply estimated it to be between 20-25M. My bait was on the bottom first, and it was clearly going crazy. It was bending the rod, and felt like a bloomin' fish! Surely if this went over a salmon's head it would be smashed! We drifted about 150M from the middle of the river to the red buoy, and did the same thing again. It was very serene out on the river being the only thing there, and the only way to make it better (or we thought) would be for a fish. 
      Before the second drift, we checked our livies. Mine was still kicking stronger (than usual, Lol), but it had gotten into the worst tangle I'd ever seen. We almost drifted back to the jetty it took that long to un-tangle it. I guess problems like that are just problems you'll always encounter when live baiting.  We started the second drift though, and proceeded along bottom bashing. When we finished that drift, we made the call to fish some of the pylons and hopefully entice something hanging around structure. We sat around and in the eddies made by the pylons, to no avail whatsoever. My dad was disappointed alright, as he though the pylons would be the spot to catch 'em on. 
      We hit the pylon on the UQ size first, then did another drift through the middle of the river. It was nearing 8:00PM now, but I was still going strong (like my livie). 
      Oops. You can see my dad's very ugly feet in this one!
      We finished that drift, and even though it seemed like there wasn't any ground below us (just mud), I still thought this area would hold fish. I guess I was wrong, that's for sure. It was getting a bit later, and we thought the Dutton Park side pylon would hold something. We fished all around the pylon for about 15 minutes, and apart from getting snagged, it was deadly quiet. For the final half an hour or so before my dad succumbed to the 'not-having-a-chair-to-support-my-back' issue, we fished about 50 metres away from the jetty. It must've been right on tide change here, as we were barely moving at all. Then, we got back to the jetty by 9:00PM - a different group of people had moved in since the last time we were there, but luckily there was space for one of my rods. I kept it out until about 9:30PM, and then reluctantly wound it back in and departed Dutton Park...

      Please login or register to view this image Boy, was it disappointing to not catch a salmon on the last night of Suburbs of Origin.. Oh well! Here are the stats of the trip. 
      Statistics of Trip -
      Tide: 6:45PM, .2M, Low, 12:30AM, 2.1M, high
      Moon Phase: New Moon, lots of run
      Fish caught: - Sigh
      Bait caught: Herring, Mullet, Prawns, Winter Whiting, Glassies, Scat
      Bait used: Herring, Mullet, Winter Whiting
      Tackle used: 12, 14, 30 pound braid mainlines, 20-30lb leaders, 80lb mono trace, 30lb fluorocarbon trace, size 4/o suicide/circle hooks, large barrel swivel, size 2500 Shimano Nasci and Diawa Shinobi, 6"6 Venomat? rod, 8" Ugly Stik, Size 2M Rogue Firepoint boat rod, shocker and blood knots. 
      Weather: Windy, cloudy, cool
      Time fished: Approx. 7:00PM - 9:30PM
      Location: Dutton Park/Green Bridge 
      Overall Success Rate: 20% - Pretty Dud!
      Alright, thanks for reading everyone. I hope you all enjoyed this report marathon, that's for sure. Sorry for not getting that thready, Southside! Maybe if I kept my lines in for a minute more I would've . Stay safe  Sorry for any spelling errors/errors in this report as well. @GregOug, I'm sure you'll find something wrong with the punctuation Please login or register to view this image. 
      Cheers Hamish

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    • By gooodluck
      Hey guys,
      Some of you may have seen on my first post the other day I shared a pic of a shark I caught about 2 months ago off the shorncliffe pier.
      one local on the pier thinks it is a gummy shark, however google search doesn’t seem to agree. 
      can anyone help me identifying this shark with certainty?
      just curious as I never knew for sure.
      he looked like a baby, was about 75cm to the tip of his tail (didn’t actually measure him just threw him back quickly)
      where I’m from originally in south Australia I remember lots of people used to target gummies for their dinner plate. Makes great flake apparently! 
      my partner was very freaked out as she’d never seen a shark before, and due to the size, thought it was the right thing to let him go anyway. (However I do hear that if you Are going to keep a shark it’s better to keep them on the smaller side. I read the legal limit for most sharks is below 1.2m? Is this true?) 

      Please login or register to view this attachmentSort of looks like it belongs to the carpet shark family to me- which type I’m not sure tho. Could be completely wrong tho as my knowledge is not good on sharks.
    • By Sneaky1
      Chopper protecting the live fibre stand from a family member with sticky fingers he has also barred him from the boat.
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