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32 minutes ago, Kat said:

Never mind about the eel advice - remembered the search function and found heaps of advice already posted.  Cheers

I know you props done you’re research but I find if you go fishing after sunset with fatty or juicy meat flesh dead fish sausage really anything with meat you will catch eels even caught a massive pike eel using eel was fishing for sharks. the problem when I go shark fishing is I either get strange by catch like massive pufferfish and that pike eel or I get a big shark that busts me off . And one time caught a decent sized shark after fighting for awhile I got it close to the boat and the hook bent out I now only use mustad hooks for shark fishing I use mustad hooks for most of my fishing lmao 

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1 minute ago, Breaming with bro said:

I know you props done you’re research but I find if you go fishing after sunset with fatty or juicy meat flesh dead fish sausage really anything with meat you will catch eels even caught a massive pike eel using eel was fishing for sharks. the problem when I go shark fishing is I either get strange by catch like massive pufferfish and that pike eel or I get a big shark that busts me off

I hope to get a bigger one next time.  Pretty sure the reel and rod will hold up.  Maybe just need to worry about the line and my knots! You usually fish pretty light so you have to expect that

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9 hours ago, Kat said:

Now I have to find out how to catch freshwater eels.  I already know where some are about 2 min walk from my place.  Any advice would be appreciated.

Best way is to get a handline, a bit of chicken, sinker that will reach the bottom, strong sharp hook, and a plastic bag.

Chuck the line out and wait until it goes taught then reel it in. You're done!

Cheers Hamish

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    • By ellicat
      Decided to do a solo mission to Mud today so I could play some tunes and sing loudly without offending anyone. Haha
      Kicked off about 8 from Port ramp where I met up with @Old Scaley and @AUS-BNE-FISHO who will no doubt do a report of their own in due course. The conditions were great in the river where I was able to motor along at a respectable 28.x knots.
      Got to spot X and soaked a line while I made a coffee. Bream to start then a tuskie, both 25cm and sent back for another go at life. A few pickers around stealing my prawns and squid. Annoying as usual, but not a bad way to pass time waiting for a 'real' fish.
      Sent my mackerel floater out with a pillie on the off chance a hungry one would happen by. Stopped feeding the pickers for awhile while I had a well earned rest and sang a few songs. The mackerel line had a hit but didn't hook up. Bum. Re-baited and sent it back out. Then a sshhh noise got my attention. A big school of bait was getting harassed by something. Quickly deployed a half pillie where they were for no luck. They kept busting up all around me not even 20 metres away from the boat. I kept throwing my pillie amongst them for no joy - just some pickers.
      The tide turned and there were still showers of baitfish every now and then. I got a few snags and decided to go unwaited as there was no current. At 11am someone turned the fish switch to on.
      Immediately the bites were decent and my need to boat a keeper snapper seemed likely. I got a good hit on a head end and hooked up. The fight was decent but not fantastic and I thought I might have a legal one at last, but this 45cmish cod showed up and was released to the esky.

      I kept throwing upcurrent and letting the slow current bring my baits down to the spot where the bites were. Then I hooked up to something good that I determined to be a snapper of longish proportions. It went on a big run, then I got him close but he took off again towards the pointy end of Ellicatch. Yep, you probably guessed correctly that he did me on the anchor rope. Disappointed I redeployed and got pickered again by bream this time.
      Then once again on a pillie head end I got a great hit and hooked up to a real speedster. This thing was tougher than my 15lb gear with drag tight enough I couldn't pull line off without cutting myself (which I did). It went on a blistering run and just wouldn't stop. Seeing my backing on the 2500 Revros I had to tighten the drag further. Ping. Lost him. Again. I took advantage of being solo and opened up with a few expletives to the world. Bugger.
      The mackerel line, which was now out the other side, got a hit but it snipped me. Bugger again.
      The bite was hot, but I wasn't it seemed, as I went through all my bait without another legal. Prawns, Squid and pillies all gone.
      Except 1. The pillie on the mack line. I pulled it in, cut it in half and sent the head out first. I wasn't good enough to turn the bite into a keeper, so deployed the last bit of bait - the pillie tail. Well the fishing gods were feeling sorry for me and delivered a nice grassie to finish the day.

      Please login or register to view this image  
      Cleaned up, packed up, pulled the anchor all by myself (after a rest and answering a few messages) and set off for home at 27 knots. (Must have been the extra net weight of the fish added against the bait lost).
      Top day for me. Quite a rush from the two suspected snapper. Now I just need to find another day with an incoming tide to head to Spot X again with heavier gear.
      Hi all
      Earlier this week, Steve (@Old Scaley) and I organised a trip to the POB, in Steve's tinny. I was very excited the night prior, and rigged up the rods with my first proper FG knots, some large sinkers, and circle hooks. We met at Steve's at 7:00AM, and said good bye to Dad. After the drive to the POB Boat Ramp, we also met up with Brian (@ellicat) and put in. Brian went first, so I tied (or tried to anyways) the boat up at the end of the ramp. Let's just say that needs work. After a little while, Steve's boat was put in too, and we both departed. Our first step was to set the crab pots, but Brian headed out of the river in search of a snapper. We said farewell to Ellicatch and bidded each other good luck.

      Launching in 🙂 
      After the boat was started, we shot off through Boat Passage, armed with some fish frames and crab pots. We went under the Pipeline and entered Boggy Creek to drop the pots. Steve got the first one set up, and after it was baited up we dropped it near a drain. The same happened with the next four, and they were baited with a mix of flatty and bream frames, mullet, and mullet  and bass heads. We had them in a line and then zoomed off back to the first location for fishing. I was taking note of what was doing, as I need to learn a bit about crabbing!
      Steve had very kindly offered to take me out for some of my favourite fish - Threadies and Sharks. We got to the first spot, and the powerful electric was set into 'anchor' mode. Steve told me what fish he had landed here, and gave me some advice. The big, beautiful game reel was lobbed out with some Mr. Bait eel, and we hoped for some good sharks. In the meantime, a lighter line was casted out with half pilchards and prawn as the bait of our choice. 

      Nice spot here!
      In about twenty minutes with no bites or fish, we decided it might be better to drift. Unfortunately, it was snags after snags at this spot, so after busting off the shark rig on some rock (we did a big circle all around but it didn't budge) as well as my line with an FG knot, we decided to move spots. I re-rigged my line at the new spot, and we got fishing again. Once again, I casted down a half pilchard - Steve showed me the correct way to put them on with a half hitch too, so I was quite thankful for that. In the first while, the sounder was showing lots and lots. It seemed to be a school of quite good fish around a bait school. We figured they were either Threadies or Catfish, so the next step was to make them bite.
      By now, I had put my rod in the holder. I let the drag off nice and loosey-goosey, and got a drink out. Just as I was about to drink though, and as some more fish showed on the sounder, the line screamed off and I was hooked up! I put the drag in the right mode, and turned off the ratchet. I started cranking, and then the fish took off! Straight away, I was feeling nervous. Would my quickly tied Albright Knot hold? Would my 20LB leader be frayed off? Would the hook be spat??? I got some more line in, trying to take it slow and steady. The fish went for another run, and this really got the adrenaline up.
      It had great weight, and I was excited to see what would surface from the depths. Then, what I thought was disaster struck. The fish had bricked me! I gave it a couple tugs, and then luckily I heard the relieving sound of drag screaming with something on the end. I kept cranking, and it was close to the surface when it shot back down. I started gaining line though, and Steve had the net at ready. We were thinking a big Thready would surface, but what came up truly shocked me. I saw colour, and then I yelled, "Snapper!!!! Huge!!!". It shot back down, and now I was really excited. It surfaced beside the boat and Steve expertly slid the net under it, bringing in my first real Snapper! Me, out of all people, catching a snapper! Woohoo! Joy! I was practically falling over I was so happy - it was a true beauty!  We slid him on the brag mat for a quick measurement and it went a grand 55CM! Very, very nice fish! I thanked Steve for making this possible, then after some very good photos he was released to the esky. That's dinner covered alright!


      After that Snapper, it took me about half an hour to calm down (probably longer for my heart rate to slow too!). I was about as happy as it gets! Now I can say I've got a new PB of 55CM, not 15CM! 😉. Me and Steve were both hoping that he could get one now too, so we stuck too this spot. I put it in the same possy, this time with a prawn as bait. We were fishing along the Pipe, in about 7-11M of water I believe (maybe deeper and shallower at certain times too). All of a sudden, my rod went off! I clicked on the drag, and the fish was on. I was hoping for something alright, but ended up failing miserably after a half decent fight. Guess what it was.... Catfish! 

      I re-deployed, a bit annoyed with the catfish. I even almost got pricked dehooking him, the spine gave me a little cut but very fortunately didn't go into me. The sounder was showing fish moving through, which was pretty good to see. We were now out a bit further, to see if there was any schools of anything hanging out and about. Sooner or later, I hooked up to another fish. It had a few head shakes, but no runs at all. After a average fight, up came another catfish. I really wish they didn't exist but now I was on two on the vermin count 😉 

      I still need a bit of work on my de hooking, but luckily Steve was there to help out (who got it off in about one moment, Lol). It was about time for a quick re-application of sunscreen now though, so I left the rod on loose and had a bath in the stuff (on my hands anyway). Of course, the rod went off at this moment, so luckily Steve got it for me. The fish spat the hook/missed the hook though, so back down the line went. The same had happened for Steve a bit earlier, where the fish took a good run but then didn't quite hook up 😞. 
      Now, it was Steve's turn. He hooked up to an OK fish, and it was running like no tomorrow. He got some line in, and then it kept shooting off back to the depths. I prepped the net, but guess what came up? A rotten old stingray. I believe it was a Spotted Ray though, like one of the types I'd caught at Yeppoon. He was cut off boat side, and we now were hoping for something may may be a bit more edible. 

      At least we were both off the donut
      Soon after, the baits were redeployed. I put back a half pilly, but sooner or later the tell-tale catty signs were back, and yep, another one of the buggers came up. He was flicked off, and returned back into his home. Steve and I decided to go for a drift after that one, and my line went off while we were moving. I skull dragged up another catfish, and luckily that was my last one for the day. I had made a bit of a mess on Steve's boat which was no good, but at least it was some entertainment while not much else had been biting. 
      We went a bit upstream, to a rock wall near the beacons. The last time we were here Steve had caught an unders Breambo, so maybe some of them would be biting. The baits were deployed, and we hoped for a good fish. It was decided we'd pull up the pots after this, as they'd had quite a long soak. Steve's rod had a good hit at first while it was in the holder, but unluckily the fish did not hook up. We figured there was a chance of a flatty round here, so we stuck around going for a drift for a bit. There was a fair bit of run here, and a plastic was flicked for no love. 
      I had some small nibbles, but no fish were successfully landed here. We moved into Boggy Creek, and went to retrieve the first pot. I got the gaff to get them up, and hoiked the pot up. I was hoping to see some big muddies, but unfortunately, there was a grand total of two toadfish. I tipped them out, got the bait out, and the pot was put away in the side of the boat. The same happened for the next - it was pulled up, and the pot ended up with about five bream... 2 inches big. They were taken out, as well as the bait. It was really disappointing. It looked like the perfect spot, and we had good baits. But that's fis- crabbing I suppose! The next two pots weren't very fruitful either, with more toadfish and diddly squat. They were all put away for next time, so maybe they will fill with crabs then! Steve gave a plastic a brief flick while I was puling it up for no fish too. 
      We left Boggy Creek with the pots strapped up, and decided to do a bit of a drift on the other side of the river. The fish at this spot were Snapper, Flatties, and Flounder/Sole, so we were hopeful. At first, we were on some rubbly bottom, and I got fouled on some pretty looking seaweed. We did a long drift parallel to the bank, and in about 3M of water we got no love. We were certainly hoping for another nice fish.
      The call was made to go out a bit deeper in the channel, so we took the bait out. I dropped down a prawn, and it got a good hit straight up. Unluckily, I missed the fish. It had a weird bite, almost sucked it in like a surge on the line, then spat it out again. It didn't take long for Steve to hook up though, and after a solid tussle with some nice runs an alright squire came up. He only measured 30CM, and I forgot to get a photo of this one. C'mon, Snappers! Five centimetres bigger!
      I kept feeling more weird bites on the line. Nibble, nibble, then a surge on the line. Steve suggested it might be a cod, so I thought that was a pretty good assumption. Unfortunately, the one good hit where I thought I had it, the fish also spat the hook on me! We went for one more drift, and this was the last one of the day as we were heading back to the ramp after this. Steve casted his line, and when I turned around he was hooked up. It shot of for a run, and was giving up a good account of itself. Then, very luckily, a nice little Snap/Squire came up, and on the measure he went just 35CM! Yay! We'd each gotten a keeper for tea!

      We then reeled up and motored back to the ramp, ready to go back home. We motored up Boat Passage, and got back to the ramp. There were some people fishing, and some cast netting off the ramp. After I tied the boat, and Steve had stopped the motor and all, I went and had a look in their bucket. The had some massive garfish, which I certainly would've loved to catch. I was tempted to ask if I could have a throw, but decided against it because the car was ready for the boat. I walked it down and it was wound up. We got everything out of the tinny, and started the drive back home. 
      I got to Steve's and then helped unload a bit, then Dad arrived. He still hadn't been told about the catch - all I'd told him was bring an esky and ice (like normal when I get a goodun, Lol). He was surprised and happy when I pulled out a good Snapper out of the esky, and I was still jumping with joy. Lol. I got home and got to work cleaning the fish. I did it the exact same way as the bass, and I think I did an alright job. I also weighed the fish, it came in at a total of 1.995KG according to the Berkley scales. Woohoo!!! The fish was cleaned up, skinned, and then frozen/fridged for eating tonight. I made up a quick crumb mix and got him up in breadcrumbs, straight away ready for the BBQ. The fish had a good cooking, and was nice and golden when he came off the Barby. We ate him straight away with some veges, and boy! He was capital D - Delicious! 

      I know this is a rather weird question... But is there any meat in the head region of the Snap?
      The frame was frozen, and that was the end of the day! "What a Day", was all I could say! It was excellent with skipper Steve out on the POB, with a keeper each. I probably wasn't the best decky, as I was pretty slow with the pots, but I found it great fun to be out on the water. I'm glad Brian went well too, with the catches he mentioned in his report from today. A huge thanks to Steve for taking me out for the trip, one of the highlights of my school holidays (with the Thready, Yeppoon, NPD Trip, and now this! Great way to end the hols, that's for sure). Thanks for reading this report, and I hope you really enjoyed. Apologies for any spelling errors.
      Here are the trips stats:
      Stats of Trip:
      Tide: (BNE Bar) - 4:30AM, 1.9M, High, 10:40AM, 1M, Low, 4:10PM, 1.7M, High
      Moon Phase: 64% - so not too much run
      Bait Caught: -
      Bait Used: Prawns, Pillies, Eel
      Fish Caught: Snapper/Squire x 3, Catfish x 4, Stingray x 1
      Tackle Used: I had 20lb mainline, 20lb leader, 16lb, fluorocarbon and braid, and I believe Steve used similar, the shark rod was a heavy game reel with a big sinker and long wire trace with a big circle hook, we were using 5/o circle hooks, about 4-6 ball sinkers, barrel swivels, and I was using a Abu Garcia Barra KIig Overhead 650, On an Ugly Stik, but I cannot remember what Steve was using. He also gave a plastic a flick. 
      Water Temp: 26oC according to the sounder
      Weather: 28oC, Cloudy, 10% Precipitation 
      Location: POB, Boggy Creek, Pipeline
      Wind: 11KM/h Northerlies
      Humidity: 67%
      Air Pressure: 1013.2 
      Time Fished: A little past 8:00AM - 1:10PM or so.
      Overall Success Rate: 90% - Snapper!!!!
      Cheers Hamish 🙂 

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    • By ellicat
      Can anyone identify this beaut little cod type critter ? I got a couple of them on Monday....and on a 4/0 too. Pic doesn't do it justice - the blue/black markings were quite pleasing to the eye.

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    • By Jaz44
      Hi all,
      I am just wanting to know the process in changing a boats maximum horsepower and it’s cost?I only want to see if I can improve the maximum by 10hp. 
    • By rayke1938
      Hard going at the western arm this morning. Only 31 bass tagged and released between the 3 of us in 6 hours.


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