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Never have I been so disgusted with NRL, i knew in the first 2 minutes of the 2 games last night who was going to win. So the NRL decided to police head highs,well why havnt they for the last couple o

Trials start in only 2 weeks ! Please login or register to view this content   As usual we'll have a tipping comp. I'll post the details as soon as I organise it.

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Round 24 results


Knights 15  v  14 Titans

Knights showed they have a short finals series ahead…


Warriors 16  v  28 Raiders

Warriors won the first 40, and the Raiders slaughtered them in the 2nd part of the 2nd 40

Roosters 12  v  54 Rabbitohs

the toll of the Roosters long injury list has been showing, and the depressed fracture of the cheek to Manu courtesy of Latrell Mitchell`s mental walkabout will not help their finals chances, but it did add some extra feeling into the traditional Bunnies v Roosters hate match up


Dragons 38  v  26 Cowboys
yeah well, one of them had to win, I guess…..it was good they both showed up for the game

Sharks 24  v  16 Broncos
one could expect a top 8 team would beat 2nd last on the ladder…

Storm 10  v  22 Eels

Didn`t the Eels play well, most of the Eels productive attacks came through the Storms young fill-in winger`s side... 

it was a bit out of character for the Storm to be so uncoordinated in their attack and sometimes casual in their defensive  efforts…   in the 2nd 40 minutes Jessy Bromwich seemed to frequently die with the ball on the 5th tackle just short of the line, during back line plays… very strange


Sea Eagles 36  v  18 Bulldogs

Ditto Sharks v Broncos comment, one could expect a top 8 team would beat last on the ladder…

Panthers 30  v  16 Wests Tigers
it was always going to be an unfair match up, right from the time the original 2021 draw was first announced last year…..


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Round 25


Raiders v Roosters, 7.50pm at BB Print Stadium, Mackay


Sharks v Storm, 6pm at Cbus Super Stadium

Eels v Panthers, 8.05pm at Cbus Super Stadium


Broncos v Knights, 3pm at Suncorp Stadium

Cowboys v Sea Eagles, 5.30pm at Queensland Country Bank Stadium

Rabbitohs v Dragons, 7.35pm at Sunshine Coast Stadium


Titans v Warriors, 2pm at Cbus Super Stadium

Wests Tigers v Bulldogs, 4.05pm at Moreton Daily Stadium, Redcliffe

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Gad's score -

Week 24 b'fwd

        Total Tips  124          Total Margin  363

week 25                5                                    17

Scores                 129                                       380

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Round 25 results


Raiders 16  v  40 Roosters
once again the Raiders have another whole off season to practice blowing their horn


Sharks 16  v  28 Storm

Sharkies were losers twice in the one round…. caught and gaffed by the Storm and gutted and filletted by the Titans

Eels 6  v  40 Panthers

Was it ever doubtful?


Broncos 35  v  22 Knights

Fancy that……

Cowboys 18  v  46 Sea Eagles
the Cowboys looked to be in it…. then the slaughter happened


Rabbitohs 20  v  16 Dragons

3 quarters of a team of ‘thrown in for NRL experience’ Bunnies slayed the Dragon…


Titans 44  v  0 Warriors

Tigers 0  v  38 Bulldogs

Well fancy that.. both the Warrior’s and Tigger’s thought Mad Monday started this Sunday.

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here we go, it's FINAL's TIME....

Finals week 1

Friday, September 10

Qualifying final: 

Melbourne v Manly, 7.50pm at Sunshine Coast Stadium

Saturday, September 11

Elimination final: 

Sydney Roosters v Gold Coast, 5.40pm at Queensland Country Bank Stadium

Qualifying final: 

Penrith v South Sydney, 7.50pm at Queensland Country Bank Stadium

Sunday, September 12

Elimination final: 

Parramatta v Newcastle, 4.05pm at Browne Park, Rockhampton

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Finals week 1 results

Friday, September 10

Qualifying final: 

Storm 40  v  12 Manly
Storm showed how to stifle Manly`s forwards and cut out Turbo Tom`s running game…

Saturday, September 11

Elimination final: Roosters 25  v  24 Titans
Good game to watch, the opportunist bounce of the ball into Wallace`s hands just short of the try line for him to score sent the match into a pot-a-thon which Sam Walker potted at the 78th minute…
as the finals format is designed for, 5th
 knocked out 8th.

Qualifying final: Panthers 10  v  16 Bunnies

I tipped the Panthers, but... was hopeful for a Bunnies win
Bunnies will be cheering for the Storm to end the Panthers final`s charge in Week 3

Sunday, September 12

Elimination final: els 28  v  20 Knights
as the finals format is designed for, 6th did eliminate 7th

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FINAL’s  WEEK TWO results

Friday, September 17

Semi-final 1 - Manly 42  v  6 Roosters
The Roosters have been running on dropped battery cells for half the season and finally the batteries couldn`t take this week ends recharge attempt….
Manly looked good, but a severely battered, under manned opposition in knock out finals can give that appearance.

Saturday, September 18

Semi-final 2 - Penrith 8  v  6 Parramatta
Interesting and enthralling game…. after the Bunnies battering last week and this physical hard fought, fast game and only  scrapping home by their scrambling defensive efforts, the Panthers are looking Storm fodder….
Bunnies v Storm GF?


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3 hours ago, ellicat said:

Anyone feeling confident with their tips this week ? I'm certainly not.

Yeah, Manly by 6 tonight, I started on the rabbits and something

keeps making me change my tips.3 times I've tipped rabbits and have gone back to 

Manly, so I'm going to leave it there and see what happens, can only be wrong

and that's not new.🤣

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