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Many of us know that if we want to have a healthy fishery we need to look after both fish habitat and the breeding populations. 

This is a really interesting article in the Spooled Magazine written by OzFish ambassador Steve Starling.

Have a read and let me know what you think.

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1 hour ago, ellicat said:

I think most anglers, from what I see, hear and read, are already on board in the main. There'll always be a few dero's doing the wrong/questionable thing.

I'm happy to be guided by rules/laws and regulations and my own ethics.



Yep I agree. 100% with you. There will always be those few people in any group. 

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I know most anglers are onboard with it all, which is great to see. I hope the rivers and waterways in Brisbane will continue to improve as fisheries.

But I wish your average Joe could have the same, or similar mentality, to at least clean your rubbish, and your surrounds, and not destroy other wildlife unless it's required (i.e. bug biting you, not randomly stomping through new bushes).

Cheers Hamish


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