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fishing High quality shore jigging spots in South Korea

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Mate that is seriously impressive! Well done you are fully committed. Gee we take our coastline for granted - so many opportunities that we don’t have to go to such lengths to catch a fish. You’re techniques would clean up here!

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    • By leeroy1
      Hi Guys,
      Long time since i posted on here but with the demise of Nuggets and another private forum it is time i contributed to the only good forum left.
      I have been quiet for the last couple of years due to my 40yr old tinnie finally being bashed to death and unsafe to get offshore anymore. 
      Time has come to buy a new boat and after opinions from the more experienced than myself.
      I have up to 70k to spend on my dream boat to last me until i retire.
      I am liking the Quintrex Top Ender 520 but the dream would probably be a Haines SIgnature 543sf but a bit out of my price range to have it fully fitted out. 80k plus new.
      Does anyone on here have a Top Ender and how do they find it?
      I have been out in Youngy's 485sf plenty of times and it is a great boat but would prefer something a bit bigger to get further offshore so hence the 543sf.
      What i am after,
      A boat to get offshore safely with high sides to safely hold me and the pup. Ideally get out to Lady Musgrave etc. for an overnighter. Will the Top Ender be capable? I think so.
      Something i can sleep in. This is why i would like a side console and not a centre to give me floor room for a swag.
      Electric motor is a must.
      Soft ride for my old decrepit back.
      Longevity and quality. You pay for what you want and the better quality the better.
      Time is not really a concern. I have waited this long a few more months to get a custom build won't concern me.
      Rod lockers on the 520 TE look good but are they functional? Youngy has some but does not use them as they get water in them.
      Suzuki or Yamaha? I know these days most motors are reliable but i believe Yamaha have the best reputation?
      Sorry for all the questions guys but this is something every boater dreams of for a long time. I can't wait to get back to seriously fishing again and catch some fish i have wanted for a long time. 
      Any opinions on what would be your dream boat would be awesome as well.
      Thanks guys in advance and look forward to putting up many reports in future.
    • By Drop Bear
      I had an interesting day the other day. We were filming the ROBs that we are making to restore shellfish reefs in Moreton Bay. The idea was to get a stack of bream around them so they look pretty. It was in only about waist deep water. 
      I burleyed up with pillies and squid. There were heaps of bream around. they love all the structure that the shellfish reefs make.
      The funny thing was they were not really interested in the food offerings. 
      At the end of it all we threw in the rest of the pillies and the squid and it sat on the bottom. Instead of the bream coming in for a feed... they buggered off?
      They were milling around on the sand but with the bait in the water they went elsewhere. 
      Confused. Anyone wanna shed some light on this? 
    • By J Fahy
      Rarely available - for sale, 1 x professionally framed print of Christopher May’s “Gone Fishing”. 
      Print 158 of 800 signed by artist. Purchased in Darwin from Chris himself. 
      Authenticity Certificate included. 
      Pocket on rear of frame for certificate safety. Lines on picture are only reflection from camera flash. 
      collection from Mackay QLD
      Excellent condition. Offers considered  

      Please login or register to view this image
    • By Kimtown
      Doing a 7 night great barrier reef live aboard late next year out of Bundaberg and will be buying 4 or 5 brand new outfits to suit, which will include:

      1x heavy spin (for GT popping + throwing stickbaits)
      2x medium spin (one for casting lures in the shallows and lagoons, one for bait fishing)
      1x medium jigging outfit (something that can ideally double as a trolling outfit too would be nice)
      1x light spin (for bait fishing and smaller reefies)

      No real budget in mind, happy to pay for quality - especially in the reel department as I can put them to good use down home. The heavy popping rod probably won't get as much use at home, so ideally won't spend thousands on this, but something that will suffice for a big GT if it comes along.
      All suggestions welcome thanks
      Also, if anyone has any good information out there of fishing that area around that time of year, feel free to lend some advice. It will be the first time I'll be doing this type of fishing, so I'm all ears.
    • By John O
      Hi All,
      I am in the process of designing and building an A frame property just outisde Miena, Tasmania, that I intend to lease on Airbnb. Given its proximty to the Great Lake, and all the other lakes in the vicinty, fishing trips will be a big part of our market during the warmer months.
      This isnt a promotion, but I was wondering when ye guys go fishing, what ammenities would you like to see, or would be helpful to your stay?
      Ideally I would like to incorporate as many of these suggestions as possible (or as many as I could afford at least!)
      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
      Thank You.
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