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11 minutes ago, Cobiaaddict said:

Curtain Artificial @ Moreton Island has some good sized resident YTK fish,  You will need minimum 50lb gear if you want to be successful, Some guys fish 60-80lb and still struggle to land fish. 

Offshore there are always plenty at Hutchinson Shoals, 

I've heard that about big gear too. I've got a mate who has lost a lot of big kingies live baiting with tld25 and 80lb line. 

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The shipping channel beacons in the Eastern and northern bay often hold yellowtail kingfish (and Cobia at times). They are not always big ones, but a few of them are. The bigger ones can be very wary, and will seldom take dead or cut baits. The best chance of hooking one is with live bait, which can usually be jigged at the same beacons.


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On 04/05/2021 at 12:28 PM, Tuna are fish said:

does anyone know any spot where you can catch big king fish near or around Moreton, ive caught small ones but no big ones.

Curtain Reef seems like a really reliable spot for bust offs. You'd want really heavy gear I think. 

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Cheers Hamish

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