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No macs or squid, but one for MIL

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1 hour ago, ellicat said:

It was great to be out there after a long period of inconvenient weather days. Company was good as always, Steve. Thanks for the day. You've summed it up nicely so I don't have much to add. Well, other than the fact you hogged that side of the boat when my side wasn't firing. Mental notes have been taken. haha

I'll tag on here that I relaunched at 4.30 yesterday afternoon and fished around the Port with @Leosonfire for zero in the esky, a squid that had its head ripped off by something that didn't come back for the main course. 😞 In the end we ended up wrestling a good sized catshark and two big rays to the boat before the midnight curfew and a 22 hour day called time.

That was a good fight you had with the morwong and very well angled !

Good on you Brian for putting in the hours. Sorry you didn’t get the reward you were hoping for. 

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12 hours ago, GregOug said:

We caught one barely legal Moses Perch and a decent sized Bream in the first ten minutes and then nothing for the rest of the day. I was disappointed but my son pointed out that that was a lot more than we usually manage. And I must admit they tasted bloody great!

Nice one mate. Moses are delicious and i have enjoyed many feeds of bream. 

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