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37 minutes ago, ellicat said:

How do you know/tell where the weed beds are out there ? If I knew I reckon I could get more live bait and feel the exhilaration of putting them out.

Yep it went well! Really well. 

Just do it in the 7 - 10 m water depth out there. You will get them. You will also drop a lot of them as they don't have a good hookup rate. they sort of just feel like a sock. Wind like stink and hope you catch a tentacle. 

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11 hours ago, samsteele115 said:

Big fish mate! Keen to do some more exploring of our inshore reefs 🙂

the cuttlefish technique is one I haven't really heard of! I guess not many people target them in the bay? That's epic! 

yep it is a good and under used technique. I hope they don't become overfished. 

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24 minutes ago, GregN70 said:

I love chasing jew especially on hard bodys of the rockwalls, but as for eating, it's those worms that turn me off them, the more you look the more you find.

Yuck!  Was thinking chasing Jew might be fun - but not now...

Must have been exciting Robbie.  Good one! Did you catch it on dead squid?

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16 minutes ago, christophagus said:

nice one Robbie!


mate of mine fishes the passage like that for cuttlefish and squid. deeper water, just off the bottom and slow drift in his boat. he cleans up every often doing it like that

what size are they? 

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12 hours ago, tugger said:

Well done Robbie it is always a good sight when that big sliver slab surfaces beside the boat

Isn't it though! I thought is was a shark for sure. I even contemplated cutting it off........... Then when the silver sides roll over and you see the gill rakers.... its better than sex!!! 

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On 27/05/2021 at 6:26 PM, Drop Bear said:

Just a quick report. 

I have been fishing a bit lately. 

There are heaps of cuttlefish around at the moment. They like to sit on the weed beds around wellington point through to the north of Green Island. 

The tip is to put a sinker on your squid jigs, get it to the bottom and wind up. Make sure you are bouncing off the bottom. There are no snags to worry about. They seem to like 7 - 10 meters of water. 

I had a trip out to the ledge on the southern end of green the other night. We fished for a few hours without loosing a bait. Then, just after the 4 other boats left, they turned on a the turn of the tide. Lots of little snapper/squire. We caught about 10 or so but they were only small. There were a few legal ones in the mix but we didn't keep any. I don't tend to keep them unless they are over 45cm as you don't get much off them at the legal size of 35cm. We used the squid and cuttlefish we had caught earlier but we caught most of the fish on squid from the fish shop at Capalaba. Could have eaten the squid. 

Then this little legend came along.

Please login or register to view this image

It went about 115 cm, hard to be accurate with that ruler haha. We hooked onto a larger version soon after but after about 30mins it simply spat the hook. Oh well. 

The theory is that there are more Mulloway out there now that the bag and size limits have been in for a while now? Whadoya reckon? 

Get out there. 

Nice fish! Doing better then your beloved Broncos...


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