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Maybe there wasn’t enough tension on the braid when the reel was spooled? Did you put it on or was it done at the tackle shop? Maybe go down the local park, tie the braid to a tree, walk back as far as you can and then rewind with some tension on the line. Or maybe the weight you are casting is too light for your rod and line class? 

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I put it on, via a bit of threaded rod in the vice and a couple wing nuts and wooded cones to locate & create tension on the spool of braid, usually works a treat, gets tension on well most times. I thought perhaps the length of the cast tension being effected as I was reasonably light lures and soft plastics for a while before this started to happen.

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I was using squidgy bugs on 1/12 oz jig head, and a savage gear crab imitation on a slightly bigger head, usure of weight.

I put the braid on using a length of all-thread bar held by my vice,  on it I have a lock nut, cones and wing nut for tension. I reel it straight off the top. 

Similar to these pics i found here, but just a bar held in the vice, (not my pics, but for illustration purposes)

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If I'm thinking correctly about how you spooled it up (similar to the old pencil through spool method), you may have introduced line twist. 


For spinning reels I leave the spool loose on the ground (face up). Key is to match the direction of the line coming off the spool with the direction of winding (usually spool face up). Easy to tell if you get it wrong: wind the handle 20 times, open the bail arm and pull line off. If it went on the wrong way the loose line will twist and tangle amongst itself. 

Similar to this: 

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Winding it via the pencil & spool method is great for baitcasters/overheads.






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I'm going with ellicat. 

Loose line laying under tensioned line over the top. 


I get it all the time with light lures...especially when tieing on a heavier lure and trying to cast it to New Zealand. 

Every 5th cast or so I pinch the line between my fingers and wind it back under tension. 

Seems to help, but it still is not a sure fix. 


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      Hi all
      Well I know it's a bit old now, but I didn't get around to posting my last yakking adventure on the school holidays. 
      I launched out with my mate at the local park. We were both in sit ins (my mate in a proper racing boat which he had paddled a ton before and myself in a 30+ year old fibreglass yak my dad had picked up off the side of the road twelve years ago 😉). It was bloody windy making it difficult to paddle straight as well, especially considering my boat had no keel so I over-turned very easily. I started off doing circle work, but got about 100 metres to the next jetty down. We then set off to the boat ramp upstream... I was getting the hang of paddling it now, but the wind and my novice abilities (to say the least) weren't helping. I'm sure every time I did more circle work my mate was laughing his arse off in his fifteen foot boat, but unfortunately he did not capsize or get blown away by the wind like I hoped. Lol. 😈. 
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    • By Hweebe
      So I started my fishing journey largely all land based many years ago. Pretty simple really, each weekend with a mate and cousin we would scope out canals and bridges (Goldie).
      Being students we rarely ever purchased bait and fishing for us meant cast netting for bait, if there was no bait we would move to the next spot.
      Besides rain and tides, wind typically didn't factor into our fishing plans (if we were free we would go fishing)
      Bream,  Flatties, Trevally and Jacks were our common catches. When Iooking at boats and trying to decide open tinnie or bay boat  my target was for Northern bay fishing (had enough fun fishing for estuary species) so i went with a bay boat (bar crusher 575c)
      But where do you go with a bay boat when the Bay is playing up and conditions are rubbish?
      I did not realise how weather dependent boat fishing was. Wind, rain, tide, moon, swell etc. I live near Brisbane CBD (5km south) where would be some suggested estuary areas that are protected from wind and not too shallow so if  when I feel the urge to wet a line i'm not constantly hoping for a forecast change on Seabreeze, met eye, windy each weekend hahahaha.
      Pumicestone Passage? Broadwater? Southern Bay? Trying to decide where i explore next.
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      Went prawning with Robbie and Steve yesterday we left redland bay ramp finding the boats and finding the prawns. Some of our 1st casts had great numbers of prawns in the top pocket of our nets.
      We worked around the area with Robbie the skipper putting us on the good shows. Some casts had 20 to 30 prawns which brought big smiles and the odd YOU BEAUTY.
      I think we did really well and had the other boats following us. I tried telling others nothing to see here no prawns here but they were onto us. 
      I must thank Robbie and Steve for their patience as I had to cancel the morning session as work got in the way. The midday session ended by 2pm with our bag limit of 2 bucket of prawns.
      My share of prawns I cooked 2 kg in sea water with a good squeeze of honey and will peel the rest for prawn meals like curried or chilly prawns with rice. No need to line up in shops to get a feed here mmmmmmmm tasty prawns.

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      To the “fisherman” who was attempting to fish by the river this morning. Please pass on your fishing equipment to a mate, hand in your manhood and go and buy a set panties in your favourite colour, I’m assuming this will be  pink. Not only did your cast miss the water by a country mile, you managed to get it onto the bridge. It was my pleasure to clean up your mess. Nothing like having fishing line running across your neck while riding a bike at 30 km/hr. Guess it was my good fortune that you were using a light line and it snapped before the tackle ripped my neck open. 
      To the other true fishermen out there, tight lines. 
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