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western australia Fishing WA IN December

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Going to quobba station WA from NSW travelling through SA and up past Perth from mid December to early January! Ive had mixed answers on the choice of going that time of year as I got told it “cyclone season” so I have anything to worry about weather wise? ? and please recommend  good landbased  fishing spots to fish that time of year also species to target! ! 

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Hi, If you are heading up that way then it would probably be a good idea to bring a flying gaff with you as you will probably find a lot of fishing locations that will be on a cliff or high ledge above the water and nowhere to get down when you hook a large mackerel or so forth. So think safety first because if you fall in you may not be able to get out, with lots of bities to keep you company in the water.

Weather wise, if my memory is correct as it was a very long time ago since I was in WA, there are quite a lot of days there at that time of the year where the wind blows from the land so ballooning is quite doable, and also the opposite is true where it can blow a gale continuously from the ocean towards the land, there is a section up that part of the world where as you drive along the coastal road, the trees on the coast have bent trunks and the top of the trees branches are lying on the ground, so in other words, it gets long periods of very strong winds from the ocean, although I can't remember if that was much further north than Quobba Station, I suspect it might have been past Canarvon though!

Get onto to YouTube as there should be lots of fishing videos on there regarding fishing from/around Quobba Station. The only time I went to Quobba was for a weekend in late Winter/Autumn so too cold to go swimming and my partner wasn't into fishing that much even though we met whilst fishing, so we mainly went sight seeing, although I caught the biggest Sea Toad I have ever seen on that trip, it was humungous. 😀

PS, forgot to mention wearing a self/manual inflating lifejacket would also be wise when fishing off the rocks.

Try this link, at the bottom of the page there is a mud map of the area which may help you.

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